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Studio and Production

The economic shutdown during and post COVID-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of Australia’s production supply lines and our dependence on manufactured goods from overseas.


Production Managers have needed to be innovative and creative during this time to come up with unique ways to achieve the goals that their Studio Managers set for them.

As with all catastrophes there are winners and losers, industries that die and industries that thrive.  Production and Studio Managers are, by their very nature, problem solvers and many have risen to the challenge and some, depending on their industry, have never before been so busy.

There are many career paths to becoming a production and studio manager within the creative, digital and marketing industry.  Some  will come up through design others through finished art, or pre-press, digital production or video editing.  Whatever their journey, they are efficient organisers, problem solvers and allow no obstacle to get in the way of a finished product.

Well networked with suppliers, they form long term relationships and partnerships that follow them from company to company.


As specialist Recruitment experts we have a deep understanding of the production and studio management talent pool and we’ve spent years developing innovative ways to engage with the outstanding Talent within it.  

Consulting to you at a strategic level is our point of difference which allows us to build targeted Talent pools made just for you whether you’re ready to hire today or not.

As your trusted advisor, whether you have a freelance project, a permanent placement or you need someone for a fixed term contract, we will have a solution for you.

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