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Creative Recruiters sits on a number of government preferred supplier panels, we partner with a wide variety of businesses within the corporate sector including financial services, the not-for-profit sector and retail, and we are a preferred supplier to design studios and digital, advertising and marketing agencies.  

Our expertise comes from our deep knowledge of our industry and those within it.  Creative Recruiters’ extensive network is your gateway to talented individuals and rewarding careers.

We recruit Australia wide.

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It has been a terrific experience this year working with your team. 

I can say that the difference between your service and others we have used is light-years apart. 

No comparison. Your team delivered on their promise right from the start, and that is all I was hoping for. It made my job easier. 

We very much look forward to a continued relationship and to see what we can do together as we grow.

Toby Dames - General Manager

Having been back in Melbourne for a couple of years now I found Vanessa and reached out to her. She took me under her wing and helped me reinvent myself and gave me the best advice, as an experienced and knowledgeable recruiter in the creative industry, she took the time to listen to me and when opportunities came up she always sorted me out and successfully found a role for me. There are no other recruiters at her level. She should be on the top of your list whether you are a candidate or a client. Contact Vanessa and you will be met with a professional, respectful and empathetic recruiter that actually goes that extra mile. Thank you Vanessa for being there for me.

Richard Foster - Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director

As a freelance graphic designer, I'm so glad I came across Houman and Creative Recruiters. I've had numerous freelance positions through CR and Houman has been more of a mentor/counsellor than a recruiter! Unlike some other pushy recruiters that just want the commission, Creative Recruiters genuinely care whether the role is right for you, which is a refreshing change. I can't recommend them enough.

Alistair Merritt - Freelancer

While I've met quite a few recruiters in Melbourne, none provided the level of service that Vanessa at Creative Recruiters has. 

She has a high level of integrity and took the time to get to know me and what I wanted out of my career. When she presented me with opportunities, they were exactly the sort of roles I was after. 

She was always honest and offered valuable advice every step of the way. In addition, she took the time to keep in touch and updated me of my progress and was my very strongest advocate! 

Vanessa is by far the best recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

With a clear understanding of my skills, experience and requirements, I can't recommend her expertise highly enough!

Asha Eapen - Account Director

What a fantastic team at Creative Recruiters! I have never dealt with the CR recruitment agency before but my first contact was with Vanessa Dolan which resulted in a permanent role placement very quickly. She has shown tremendous professionalism, support, guidance and understanding. I highly recommend and endorse Vanessa.

Igor Orlić - Graphic Designer

I have had a positive experience with Creative Recruiters - they have provided me with all the help and information I have needed right from the initial interview stage through to post-placement. 

Their knowledge and guidance along the way have been valuable for me given that this has been my first experience with a recruitment agency. 

Where I have sought their advice along the way, their response and involvement has always been active and insightful. Thanks, Vicki-Anne!

Evelyn Caceres - Graphic Designer

I have been very happy with the service I have been given by the Creative Recruiters team, especially with Vanessa. 

She worked on the weekend to help me land Stanford Marketing role and the pay rate I wanted.

Christian Mangantulao - Graphic Designer

Since signing up with Creative Recruiters I have had several opportunities presented to me. 

I met with Vanessa, who was very friendly and helpful with her insights into the current job market in Melbourne. Always willing to go the extra mile she assisted me with several facets of job hunting. 

I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone on the lookout for an experienced recruiter with a proven track record.

Christopher Cheung - Graphic Designer

Vicki-Anne is a professional, well-presented operator. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Vicki-Anne and found her to have vast amount of knowledge in her industry; which she openly shared and educated me on. This allowed me to make the right decisions for my business moving forward. Her bubbly personality coupled with her reliability was a recipe for her success. She is a great networker and makes it a habit to keep in touch whether it be a quick hello or to provide some relevant information that will enhance our business. Thanks Vicki-Anne great to have you as a contact.

Sharon Nelson - Director

Of the three recruitment companies I approached for freelance work you and your staff were by far the most professional, friendly and reliable. 

I will definitely recommend you if I hear of any quality people looking for work.

Adrienne Sandow - Studio Manager

In 2013 I had been looking for a full-time position while working freelance but had very little time to go looking for just the right connection. 

Houman spotted the potential in my portfolio and experience, and was able to connect me immediately with the perfect studio for me in a design director role. 

It has been a great fit for me ever since. I found out later, the directors at my studio typically find it challenging to find new team members with the right experience, skills and personality for their team, as this is a crucial element in their success story, so Houman's eye and astute sense for connecting people proved invaluable. 

In this case, it led to a long and fruitful relationship.

Piers Greville - Design Director

Vicki-Anne is both extremely personable and professional ensuring your best interest are considered at every step of the recruitment process. She makes herself available both day and night to answer any questions, provide updates or even just a quick chat. I cannot recommend Vicki-Anne more highly for anyone considering moving jobs.

Matt Raso - Design and Brand Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa Dolan several times now - and each time has been a flawless pleasure. 

She knows what jobs are right for me, and which ones I don't need to know about. She works hard to get the right fit between freelancer and client and leave both parties immensely happy afterwards. 

And when she says she's going to do something she does it - and keeps you updated every step of the way. I couldn't recommend her highly enough ...

Andrew North - Creative Director

I just wanted to write to say how pleased we were with the result Houmi got on our recent recruitment for a Digital Marketing & Content Specialist position.

This was a particularly challenging position for us to fill and when we met with Houmi in the beginning, we were feeling quite defeated, but he was honest and open and managed to find us a great candidate despite a rough market.

It is not often I provide feedback on external recruiters, but Houmi is the exception.  He’s professional, responsive, open and honest and most of all he was successful in finding us a solution.

Anna Natoli - HR Manager

Houmi is one of those rare creative recruiters who 'gets it' - both client and creative side. With a brilliant eye for design, he took the time and care to tailor my folio. 

His accurate and insightful feedback was invaluable in my job hunt. 

His warm, genuine and super professional approach make Houmi an absolute pleasure to deal with - and your go-to man for the best creative jobs and employees. 

Thanks for everything Houmi

Kate Forehan - Senior Graphic Designer

Vicki-Anne was one of the recruitment agencies we worked with at Bendigo & Adelaide Bank. I had also had other dealings with her as a fellow Recruiter and have always admired her positivity, professionalism and strength of character. 

I certainly consider her to be one of the people in my network I go to for honest advice and constructive suggestions. 

I highly value her opinion and have often sought her wisdom. 

Vicki-Anne is an extremely professional and experienced recruiter and I would highly recommend her.

Libby Mitchell - Coach and Consultant

Vicki-Anne has really helped us find some great people for our agency. She's on the ball and works fast to find quality people. Vicki-Anne is also a real pleasure to work with.

Paul Rhodes - Director

Vicki-Anne is more than just a recruiter. She has a great ability to not just match just the right skills for the job - but more importantly - she reads the chemistry, personality and vibe of the two parties to make sure they're the right fit. Recruiters fill jobs. Vicki-Anne is a matchmaker.

Richard Overall - Creative and Content Manager

Vicki-Anne has been instrumental in helping our business grow over the last 18 months by locating the right people to join the YP Digital team.

She has taken the time to understand our business model and as a result, we have achieved 100% success in new employees making a smooth transition into our working environment.

Ashley Harris - Director

Vicki-Anne is terrific. With Creative Recruiters, she’s building a responsible and contentious team over time; one that understands our industry and empathises with the personal and professional pressures upon the people within it.

In my dealings with her, I’ve found her open, honest and when necessary, frank. She values relationships with people, regardless of seniority, and recognises when and where someone’s talent is best applied.

If you’re looking for someone to help you shape your fledgeling career or contribute to your growing company, Vicki-Anne’s unique. She doesn’t just make you feel like she’s on your side, she is.

Murray White - Executive Creative Director

Vicki-Anne is a pro. From the first time Vicki-Anne contacted me, to receiving my new role, the process was handled perfectly. Vicki-Anne's fastidious, direct approach about what was needed to get my current role was a huge factor in where I am today. 

Everyone involved in my transition has spoken highly of the ease and speed of Vicki-Annes work. Vicki-Anne is exactly who you want to handle both finding a new role, or filling one.

Mac Wright - Digital Marketing Manager

Lawrence is one of the best consultants I have ever worked with. His professionalism and commitment to providing excellent service is second to none. 

Lawrence is and always will be the first person I ring when seeking solutions to any staffing requirements I have.

Peter Suchecki - Finished Artist

I have no words to express precisely my gratitude about Houmi and his extraordinary fantastic amazing work helping me in this selection process.

Kedson Queiroz - Digital Designer

I can highly endorse Vicki-Anne - her understanding of the creative space is unsurpassed in her industry from what I have experienced. 

Even more valuable has been the insightful and incredibly helpful advice Vicki-Anne has provided during our lengthy discussions on all things business and creative. 

She is always giving of her time and the candidates she has provided our business - both permanent and freelance - have been outstanding. 

Vicki-Anne and her crew have quickly become my go-to whenever I need resource assistance.

Paul Marcolin - Director

I cannot recommend Vicki-Anne highly enough if only more recruitment consultants were more like her. 

VA's ability to match candidates with the perfect role is spot on. Her approach and honesty get the best for both parties. 

Hopefully, I won't be in the market for a new job for quite some time. but I'd be sure to call Creative Recruiters first if that ever changes!

Melanie Power - Account Director

I've been working with Lawrence since 2013 and he's been very good to me through that time. 

Always a friendly and calm presence, Lawrence takes the time to get to know his clients and contractors, creating comfortable and pleasant work experiences.

Christian Cavallo - Graphic Designer

For many years now, I have been freelancing as a Designer and Finished Artist around Melbourne. I have been represented by many people over this time, but Lawrence was one of the best I have come across. 

Lawrence has excellent communication skills, always happy to go the extra mile to explain specifically what was required for placement and answering any question I could throw at him in a professional and courteous nature. 

Lawrence would work hard to learn as much as he could about the placement and the company, taking a personal interest in their workings and what made the company run. 

Lawrence would always call after a position had begun to check-in and make sure everything was running smoothly and if I had any concerns.

Patrick Walsh - Graphic Designer & Finished Artist

I've worked with Lawrence for over a decade and it's been a great relationship over that time. 

Lawrence is professional and has a great understanding of how to make the right match with recruiting. 

Lawrence's personal approach sets him apart from other people in the same field.

Daniel Cordner - Graphic Designer

The glass half full describes Houman perfectly. 

Besides being passionate about all things creative he takes the time to really get to know his job seekers and clients, by going the extra mile his ultimate goal is to create the perfect match. 

Having had the absolute pleasure of knowing Houman for a number of years I have always found him to be very well mannered and enthusiastic to help in any way he can. 

His understanding of the creative landscape teamed with his positive friendly personality make him a wonderful addition to any recruitment agency.

KerryAnn Bartle - Art Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Creative Recruiters as both a client and a candidate. 

It became quickly apparent that they're calm, attentive nature sets them apart from many, but the respect shown to everyone they interact with always keeps them top of mind when I need a Recruiter.

Jason Freestone - Creative Services Manager

Houman is an extremely well-rounded and inspiring person. Upon meeting Houman for the first time, I realised how committed he is to connecting fellow creatives with potential employers. 

He is one of the finest consultants I have come across in Melbourne. The creative world is safe with Houman at the helm.

Paddy Hassall - Director

My experience working with Houmi was exceptional. I work in a professional services firm. 

On this occasion, we needed to source for an internal creative role, not our area of expertise. Houmi took the time to take a full and proper brief. 

He instinctively understood the type of person we were looking for and only sent through those candidates who would meet our expectations. 

Overall working with Houmi was seamless and professional. I only wish we needed to recruit more in this area, as I would love to work with Houmi more frequently.

Jaylene Davey - HR Manager

Houmi took all the right steps to really get to know me as a person to understand what I was looking for in a longterm position professionally and personally. 

Matching me to my now permanent job and I couldn't be happier. Also the nicest person alive. Thank you Houmi, you really are the best.

Yasmin Wong - Graphic Designer

Houman understood straight away the kind of job that I was after. I was looking for a 30 hours perm role which is not easy in the design industry and he found it in a few weeks.
He knew how to negotiate for me and he was always ahead on the emails and phone calls. He is honest and a super nice person to work with.

Federico Nusynkier - Chief Creative Director

I am very happy with my recent experience with the team at Creative Recruiters. They are easily the most professional, friendly, dedicated and reliable recruiters in Melbourne. 

I was updated every step of the way and felt that the team had my best interests at heart. I would definitely recommend.

Adrienne Sandow - Studio Manager

Vanessa and the team at Creative Recruiters have been fantastic for my growth and professional development. 

Vanessa offers me valuable insights into the industry and continuously keeps me updated. She has presented me with some great opportunities at prominent advertising agencies around Melbourne. 

This has resulted in considerable improvement to my portfolio, refining my interview skills as well as growing my network. 

Vanessa is always friendly, approachable and someone I can call on to ask for advice!

Phoebe Sloane - Art Director

Working with the Creative Recruiters team has been a great experience. 

I have used them to help me hire and also find work as a freelancer and either way the process has always been very professional and organised.

Alejandro Mejias - UX Designer

Lawrence is always a pleasure to deal with. His knowledge of the industry is highly comprehensive. 

I am always surprised when his name comes up in conversation just how many people know him and speak highly of him (a great asset in his line of business).

Cameron Goodwin - Graphic Designer

Lawrence was great to work with, helping to place me in my current role with On The Line. 

He maintained regular contact to ensure I knew the status of my application and was flexible in organising meetings to suit my odd schedule (on vacation in Hawaii!).

Fiona Downie - Social Media Manager

'True professional' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Lawrence. 

I have worked with Lawrence over several years, always successfully placing me at various freelance assignments. 

Lawrence takes the time to consider freelance opportunities before recommending them to me. I have always been impressed by Lawrence's ability to communicate and listen. 

Lawrence is a real asset and I would happily work with him again.

Jamie Toyama - Senior Graphic Designer

I have worked closely with Lawrence for more than ten years and have found his service and advice invaluable. 

Lawrence has extensive knowledge of the creative services industry, and an astute understanding of his clients business needs. 

I have always found Lawrence to be incredibly responsive, articulate and strategic when responding to a brief, and consistently adding value. 

I'm always pleased to recommend Lawrence for his friendly and professional service, and would consider him a valuable asset to any organisation.

Matt Cugley - Chief Communications Officer

Lawrence has always been a friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable person to discuss career aspirations and seek advice in the creative industry. 

During the course of my career, he has provided me with the opportunity to experience freelancing across different industries and gain valuable insight into developing my skills as a creative professional.

Kathryn Cairney - Corporate Communications Advisor

Lawrence Akers is a top professional and was always a delight to work with. Lawrence has a solid understanding of what clients needs are and always does it with a smile. 

I have recommended him to many other clients in the past also.

Amy Roman - Publishing Design Manager

Working with Lawrence is a pleasure. He is personable and professional. 

He is a good and communicator who treats you with respect and understanding. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Lawrence.

George Stephen - Finished Artist

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lawrence for over a decade, as both a customer and a candidate. 

It became quickly apparent that his calm, attentive nature sets him apart from many, but the respect shown to everyone he interacts with always keeps him top of mind when I need a recruiter.

Jason Freestone - Creative Manager

Lawrence has been an essential ingredient in my career for many years. When I was working freelance in Melbourne he always found me great assignments. 

Then, when an opportunity came up to be a studio manager, Lawrence was there to help me secure the job. 

In that role, I often needed to hire freelance designers during busy times, and Lawrence and his team always came through with fabulous candidates.

He is a joy to deal with – he listens, he's thorough, and he's unflappable.

Lisa Wegemund - Senior Graphic Designer

Lawrence is the best Recruitment Manager I've dealt with in my 32-year career. 

His ability to match talent to required roles is first class. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Lawrence.

Glenn Birznieks - Creative Services Manager

I'm sure you guys are already aware but amongst the freelance circle, we all love your work. 

There really isn't another team that puts in the effort like Creative Recruiters nor is there one who cares about both the client and the creative anywhere near as much as you lot.

Wayne Lim - Senior Graphic Designer