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Permanent Recruitment

Creative Recruiters provides leading businesses with permanent creative talent — from print & graphic designers to digital designers and developers, service and UX designers, social media and digital marketing specialists, studio production and account service teams.


We are the preferred recruitment supplier to the corporate and government sectors, design studios, digital agencies as well as advertising and marketing agencies. We have a deep understanding of the creative talent pool and we’ve spent years developing innovative ways to engage with the outstanding Talent within it.  


Looking for a job? Creative Recruiters works at the heart of the creative community, connecting talented individuals with rewarding permanent careers. We have more permanent job opportunities in design, advertising, digital, corporate and government studios than other recruiters. Why? Because we have specialist expertise in creative recruitment, affordable services and firm working relationships with leading employers.

Want to know more? Find all you need to know about building your career with Creative Recruiters below in our handy FAQ.

Permanent FAQ

  • Once you have registered for permanent work you will be contacted when a position is available that matches your experience.

    You may be asked to put a CV or Folio together that is targeted for the role if the Consultant feels this will be beneficial.

    You may be asked by your Consultant to write a summary of why you feel you would be suitable for the position, in particular outlining your relevant experience. Afterall, nobody can sell your skills and experience better than you.

    You will most likely be one of three candidates being put forward for any permanent job so it’s important that you invest time in preparing for your interview.

    Tip: Watch this popular Vlog for tips on how to nail almost any interview question 

  • You will usually only need to meet with one of our Consultants prior to introductions being made. However sometimes it is a request of our client that you meet with a particular Recruiter. So if you haven’t met them you may be asked to interview with them as well. They will have access to previous interview notes, however be prepared to answer questions that you may have already been asked, as the Consultant is wanting to hear it for themselves.

    The number of interviews you have with our clients varies however expect to have no less than two interviews.  If the client is struggling to make a decision and there are two candidates vying for the top spot, then there may be as many as five or more interviews however this is not common.

  • No, but it is very important that if you’re having doubts about the role, or you know for certain that you wouldn’t accept a job offer, that you tell your Consultant immediately so this can be managed.

    Should our client offer you the job on the spot, via a phone call or an email, you can choose to accept it or ask that the offer be made to us in the first instance to manage. We can then do the negotiating for you.

  • Your Consultant will organise for a letter of offer and an employment contract. They will then forward this on to you, requesting your signature.  Once you have emailed back a signed copy, your Consultant will finalise your employment with our Client.

  • It is our recommendation that you don’t resign from your role until you have signed an employment contract.

  • Yes, you will hear from your Consultant regularly and you will be asked to complete a Post Placement Review approximately 50 days from the day you commence the job.

  • A Post Placement Review is a series of questions that both you and our client are asked to ascertain how you’re settling into the new position. This is done in a safe environment, where each party is encouraged to speak freely without risk.  Creative Recruiters analyses the results and makes recommendations on how to work through any teething problems.

  • Contact your Consultant immediately. They will advise you on what you can do and they may recommend that you complete a Post Placement Review.