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Video Producer

A Video Producer works as a coordinator of all the different aspects of a video’s production. 

Depending on the organisation the person works for, the Video Producer may write or help develop a script, meet with clients, create a budget, mock-up a schedule, hire talent and a crew and determine all of the necessary logistics, steps and locations to get the video done on budget and made to the clients expectations.

A video producer is the person in charge of making sure the video that gets produced is the video you want and need. They are responsible for every aspect of production, from concept through delivery. Video producers are the ones who connect your video production concept to a finished product. Starting with an idea and the project requirements. Video producers oversee everything in the process from casting, scripting, filming, edits, etc.

Pre-production means everything that comes before filming such as:

  • Budgeting

  • Concept development, storyboarding

  • Script development

  • Crew coordination, talent scheduling

  • Specialty services (like auditioning actors, obtaining props, working with voice actors)

  • Location scouting, booking and scheduling

  • Graphics concept development, client communication

Production means everything that happens at the video shoot:

  • Load in, load out

  • Set preparation, camera preparation

  • Makeup, tele prompting/scripting

  • Talent prepping and coaching

  • Filming per shot list

Video production is complicated. A producer must have the skills and the systems to keep schedules, contacts, emails, documents, and more organised.

One of the most important roles of a video producer, is that of a video storyteller. Video producers help you to create your story, then they are the ones that tell it through video. Storytelling is vital for connecting and resonating with your audiences. Video producers through their talent, skills and experience can effectively tell your video’s story and ensure your video’s success.