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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager often reports directly to the CEO or Executive team. They are responsible for analysing and improving organisational processes, and work tirelessly to improve quality, productivity and efficiency.

Playing an integral role in the making of important policy and strategic decisions, the Operations Manager will develop and implement strategic operational policies and procedures.

As an Operations Manager, you are often responsible for managing a team of people, which involves both the engagement and development of these people. This may also include resourcing or staffing, recruitment and financial processes, such as invoicing. This is linked to the budgeting aspects of the role, in which the operations manager must manage margins, costs, budgeting and forecasting.

Project delivery functions include delivery assurance, quality assurance, client delivery and relationship management; while strategy responsibilities lie in operational plans and strategy support.

There are a number of tasks unique to operations managers. For instance, you must be able to match individuals to client needs in order to balance objectives and goals from both sides. The role also involves driving growth strategy.