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On the job market and have some questions?

Looking to recruit a new person?

Creative Recruiters FAQ has the answers. 

Find all you need to know about partnering with Creative Recruiters below in our handy FAQ.  Further FAQ's are available specifically for freelance jobs, fixed term contracts or permanent jobs.

  • You can apply and register directly to a job you are interested in on our job page or you can self-register and upload your CV.

    If you’re a specialist in a particular field or industry, eg FMCG packaging,  you will get value from calling a Recruitment Consultant directly. 

    Click here for a list of our contact details.

  • From our home page, click on the yellow tile called Candidates.

    You will see a big button that says please register by submitting your CV.  Click that.

    Click Upload your Resume and upload it.

    You can add a cover letter. 

    Tip:  Write it in bullet point form, specifically covering your expertise, so it is easily scanned for information.

    You can record a Video Cover Letter too. Be sure to keep it short, giving our Recruiters a quick understanding of what your absolute expertise is.

    If you have a Folio, please combine it with your Resume and upload it in the field Upload Folio.

    Fill in ALL the remaining fields.

    In the specialisations area, be sure to only choose those that you are an expert in. Choosing everything will reduce the likelihood of you being chosen for work.

    Click the Apply Now button.

  • When our Recruitment Consultants are looking for candidates for specific roles they will search our database looking for particular expertise.

    When you appear in that search, the Consultant will review your Resume/Folio and if you do have the expertise and industry background they are looking for, they will give you a call. 

    Unfortunately, we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to respond to every person who registers. Therefore keep an eye on our job listings

    Tip: Be sure to only apply for jobs where you can demonstrate more than 3 years experience in the expertise the Job Ad asks for.

  • Go to the job search page

    Do a search on the job title of the job

    Scroll down to the end of the page and you will see a yellow Create Alert button on the bottom right hand corner. 
    Click the button to save the search and receive email alerts. 

  • Go to our jobs page on our website 

    Find the job you want to apply for

    Click the ‘Apply Now’  button on the job Ad.

    Fill in the required details.

    Hit apply now.

    Tip: If you apply for roles and you are unable to demonstrate in your CV/Folio the expertise requested, it is unlikely that you will be contacted. If you continually apply for roles without demonstrating the expertise requested you will permanently damage your professional reputation so be mindful of which jobs you apply for. Please also note that you need to have a visa to work in Australia for jobs that we post. We do not have jobs that are based in other locations.

  • If you’re ideal for the role you may already be in the Recruitment Consultants shortlist, but it’s a good idea that you apply anyway, so you don’t accidentally get missed.

  • Email or phone your Recruitment Consultant and they will update your profile details for you.

    Click the link for all our Recruitment Consultants contact details 

  • Be sure to email your CV/Folio to your Recruitment Consultant well before your interview.  

    If you have work that you’d like to show your Recruitment Consultant that isn’t in your Folio be sure to bring your IPAD or Laptop.

    Tip:  You’ll need to be able to show your work offline or connect to your personal wifi

    Tip:  Practice telling your case studies that demonstrate the experience your Consultant is looking for.  

    Click to list to our Vlog or read our Blog on how best to tell your case studies

  • Email your Recruitment Consultant who will remove your email from our database.

    If you’re wanting to be removed from our eDM’s you’ll need to click unsubscribe.

  • Unfortunately our client base comes to us looking for candidates with more than three years, full time commercial experience.

    Please refer to these links for helpful employment tips:

    Graduate Tips

    Interview Tips

    How to make your Folio stand out

    Also check out all of our Blogs and Vlogs for many more valuable job hunting tips.

  • Yes we can. Part time work is becoming more common. Simply let your Recruitment Consultant know which days of the week and how many hours are best for you.

    Tip: Try to work consecutive days as it is the preference of most employers.

  • Our clients pay us a fee to find the ‘perfect’ candidate. Rarely are they interested in seeing candidates from Recruiters with transferable skills as they feel they could have done that search themselves.

    Tip: Your resume is your most powerful sales tool so you will need to find a way to make your transferable skills stand out.  

    Watch our webinar for tips on how to transform your CV  

  • Absolutely not. We will always ask your permission first and then we will send you a form for you to digitally sign giving us your permission.

    Tip: Keep an excel or google sheet with a list of where each of your recruiters have sent your details as well as the companies you have applied directly to and share this with our Recruitment Consultants.  It may be detrimental to your professional brand were we to also send your CV and Folio to the same businesses so this is an important request.

  • This is a term that the recruitment industry uses to describe the act of making an introduction to a company when we aren’t actively recruiting for them.

    We will only float you to our Contacts with your permission. 

    Tip: Watch our Vlog on Floating

  • Many of our clients have asked us to let them know when suitable Talent comes on the market.  Knowing you are on the job market can prompt them to create a job opportunity for you, either on a freelance or more permanent basis. 

    We are always strategic about who we float you to and that is always done in consultation with you.

  • No. PDF only please.

  • Our clients are extremely specific about their requirements and therefore we are within our job ads.  If your CV and Folio doesn’t demonstrate the minimum amount of experience asked for,  or contain a background of similar work, in each of the areas we have requested, you may not be suitable for the role. Each role is specific and each client is different.

    Please only apply to the roles that you are a close match for. If you are known for applying for everything you’ll be passed over and may miss out on your ideal role. 

    Tip: Tailor your CV and Folio so it nails the Job Ad


  • Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the time.

    We state on every job Ad that you will only hear back from us if your CV/Folio demonstrates that you have the exact experience our client is looking for. We may keep you in mind for other roles in the future and you will hear from a consultant if they feel your experience and folio aligns with a role.

  • Yes, but only once a week. Those who send a very quick email reminding the Consultant that they are available for work are often remain top of mind.

  • Yes, a minimum of two Referees is required.  Your Consultant will advise you prior to contacting them though so you can give them prior notice.

  • Some organisations, particularly government departments and financial institutions,  will require you to complete a police check prior to working for them. 

    Your Recruitment Consultant will inform you if this is the case.