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Studio Co-ordinator

A studio coordinator oversees projects for a studio and the equipment that photography or video shoot participants need to complete various productions. This can be with an agency or with an internal studio inside an organisation.

In this position, you carry out many day-to-day tasks like organising and maintaining equipment and keeping the workshop tidy, but you primarily coordinate projects that move through the studio. Your duties would also include ordering inventory, communicating with suppliers, and delegating tasks to assistants and preparing the space for the appropriate projects that will be taking place.

Qualifications that would be highly regarding including a bachelor’s degree in a Fine Arts field, such as photography, and proven job experience in assisting photographers or videographers. You need some photography and troubleshooting skills as well as continuous knowledge of lighting, camera, and other studio equipment to succeed in this career.

While there are no formal educational requirements that are absolutely necessary to become a studio coordinator, many individuals take post-secondary courses in photography and composition to learn the craft and terminology so that they can be across all the equipment and its use. Some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in art, graphic design, photography, or a related field. Many require candidates to have proven experience assisting photographers or videographers.

To succeed in this career:

  • you need excellent organizational skills

  • keen attention to detail for managing the daily operations of the studio

  • computer proficiency with photo editing software

  • technical knowledge of lighting and other aspects of photography.