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Audio Engineer

Sound has become a huge part of the gaming experience, so if you’re passionate about audio and creating the perfect ambience, becoming an audio engineer could be the prefect gaming career for you.

Have you ever thought about what goes into how a game sounds? That’s where the audio engineer comes in. They use computers and electrical sound equipment to create everything you hear in a game, from sound effects to ambient noise, background music and voice-overs.

The audio engineer is responsible for adding realism to the in-game world with sounds. Every game has its own reality and identity, and the audio engineer needs to be able to understand and encapsulate the game's essence in the audio they produce.

They usually start by creating a library of sound effects. They might work with a composer, with actors or go out and record sound. They edit, mix and master them to produce the soundtrack for the finished game.As the audio elements are added to the game engine, the sound designer also tests them to make sure they work as intended.

Sometimes they are involved in the game’s development right at the start – working from a brief to design what a player is going to hear. Other times they are brought in when a game’s already playable and their job is to add the sounds to the animation.

Software needed:

  • Sound software (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro)

  • Games engines (Unreal, Unity)