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Making Your Portfolio Stand Out

27 Sep 10:00 By Vanessa Dolan

How To Make Your Portfolio Stand Out Min

Lunch with Vanessa

Vanessa talks about how to make your portfolio stand out as a creative whether you are a copywriter, art director, producer, creative director, junior and whether you're looking for work –client side (corporate companies), agency side – starting out or already having a career as a creative.

Watch Vanessa's video to find out:

- what process recruiters take when looking at your work and judging it

- what employers are looking for when they're hiring for a creative placement

- how to match your work experience, your portfolio, CV and LinkedIn to clients and agencies

- how to sell yourself and showcase your skills

- different ways to show off your work either by industry, media, client or agency

- how to showcase work that you have contributed to and how to credit others for their work

- the best websites to use for your portfolio