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Creative Director

A Creative Director is responsible for all creative design output, quite often including staff supervision and work production even if simply by email. 

The core responsibility of the Creative Director is to determine the best way to visually represent an idea and produce high-level concepts for design projects.

The Creative Director oversees the activities of their team to maintain standards of creative excellence, timeliness and profitability.  They are responsible for inspiring creativity and leading projects from concept to completion.

The Creative Director will be an experienced presenter and will have senior level client contact.

Creative directors role is to plan the layout and visuals for creative projects as well as print and digital publications, products and advertising.

They are responsible for creating and maintaining a vision for a company’s products and branding. In addition, they also oversee a creative staff team that produces art and designs to support that vision.

A Creative director's responsibilities might also include:

  • Presenting work to clients and making changes to a project’s direction as needed

  • Choosing and approving photographs, artwork, graphics and designs

  • Managing and motivating a team of graphic designers, web designers and artists

  • Deciding how to turn ideas and messages into visuals

  • Creating and executing for a publication, product or campaign style guide

  • Meeting with and creating designs for clients or marketing and advertising departments

  • Keeping projects on budget and deadlines

  • reporting to stakeholders and boards where required

Creative director job duties will vary depending on whether they work for a book, newspaper or magazine publisher, agency or a website or an advertising or public relations firm.

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