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What is The Creative Studio Insider Podcast?

Want to know how Australia’s most innovative in-house studio managers motivate their teams?

Or how they drive productivity while maintaining flawless service standards?

What about how they retain their top performers?

You’ll learn the answers to all those questions – and many, many more – from the Creative Studio Insider podcast. We like to think of it as a one-stop advice shop for in-house studio managers in the corporate and government sectors.

Fill in the form to learn from Australia's best inhouse design teams and how they are innovating in the current design challenges.

Our Founder & Director, Vicki-Anne Craigen, knows everything there is to know about recruiting for positions across creative and design, digital, marketing, account service and studio & production management for corporate and government bodies.

With more than 20 years’ experience in recruitment and leadership coaching, she has a wealth of knowledge on how successful in-house studio managers build, manage and grow a kick-arse internal creative studio.

VA is driven by a passion for keeping recruitment simple while providing solutions for any talent-sourcing challenge you can imagine!

We’re passionate about connecting amazing people (it’s kind of important in recruitment), so it makes sense for us to build our own community where we offer the benefit of our combined wisdom to in-house studio managers within the corporate and government sectors.

Based around a closed Facebook Group, the Creative Studio Insider community will be a hub for our podcasts, advice and discussions. And it’s also a support group, full of like-minded people facing similar challenges and working toward similar goals.

Like the sound of it? Fill in the form and join our community.

  • How does the Portal work? is powered by Creative Recruiters. The freelance portal connects your business with our freelance creative talent quickly and effortlessly. It’s been designed to give your business access to specialist freelance skills affordably and in line with the Fairwork Act. You’ll also save up to $380 per week on recruitment fees.

  • Why would I use the freelance portal or engage a Recruitment Consultant to find Freelancers for my business?

    The ATO doesn’t look favourably on you hiring ABN holders for too long a period.  If you are audited they will be looking for freelancers that qualify for being an employee.  If that determination is made you will be liable for back paying leave entitlements. Click here for a detailed list of factors that the ATO will be looking for when making a determination about your freelancers.   By hiring freelancers via Creative Recruiters you remove this risk from your business.

    Freelancers often do not have professional indemnity insurance nor workcover so your business is wearing a great deal of risk.   By hiring freelancers via Creative Recruiters you remove this risk from your business as all our Freelancers are insured.

    All our Freelancers have been interviewed by highly trained Recruitment Consultants.  The freelance portal is a VIP platform where only those who are determined to be at the top of their game are invited to register.  Whether you hire your freelancer via the freelance portal, or directly via a Recruitment Consultant, you can be confident that the Talent is highly qualified to complete your project.


  • How do I know if the Freelancers have the experience and attitude I need?

    All the Freelancers recommended to you by Creative Recruiters have undergone a rigorous interview where we have ascertained they have a strong work ethic, that they demonstrate the proactive behaviour required from Freelancers, that the standard of their work is excellent (or better than) and they’ve been reference checked.  

    Freelancers can only register in the freelance portal via a VIP invitation from one of our experienced Recruitment Consultants after they’ve been interviewed.

  • How many years experience do the Freelancers have?

    The Freelancers will range from 3 years of experience to 20+ years in their field of expertise. You will be able to choose the level of experience required.


  • How long can I book a Freelancer for?

    There’s no minimum or maximum assignment length. The freelance project may be a couple of hours, days or even months. However, if you cancel a booking on the day of commencement you will be charged for 4 hours.  

  • How do I engage Creative Recruiters to find a Freelancer?

    You can create an account for the freelance portal here which will allow you to post your freelance project and hire our freelancers DIY


    You can contact a Recruitment Consultant who will source a Freelancer for you.

  • Do the Freelancers have their own insurance?

    The majority of our Freelancers come to us without their own insurance.  Therefore they are employed by our freelancer contract management company who insures them for WorkCover and Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

  • When and how do I pay for a Freelance project?

    You will be sent an online timesheet at the end of each week requesting your authorisation.  Once the authorisation is received an invoice will be sent to you from Creative Recruiters.  These invoices are to be paid within 7 days, from the date of the invoice, by EFT.  If you wish to pay by Credit Card, be sure to tell us in advance and we will arrange for you to do so via PayPal.  Please note a 2.75% surcharge will apply.


  • How do the Freelancers get paid?

    Our Freelancers are employed by our freelancer contract management company. This company pays our Freelancers weekly and looks after their superannuation, PAYG taxation, workcover and professional insurances.

  • How are Creative Recruiters fees calculated?

    When you hire a Freelancer via the freelance portal you will see a breakdown of our fees prior to offering a Freelancer your project:

    Freelancer rate per hour/day including superannuation. + Insurances + Portal Fee = $X +GST 

    When you hire a Freelancer via a Recruitment Consultant:

    Freelancer rate per hour/day including superannuation. + Insurances + Recruitment Fee = $X +GST 


  • What happens if I already engage a Freelancer via another recruiter?

    When you are hiring via the freelance portal you are free to hire anyone who chooses to apply for your project.

    When you are hiring via a Recruitment Consultant, the Consultant is careful not to introduce you to a Freelancer that already has a relationship with you. 

  • Can I add a Freelancer to your portal that I have a direct relationship with?

    Absolutely and we recommend you do. That way you know you’ll always be compliant with the ever-changing employment laws for independent freelancers/contractors and casuals. Simply contact one of our Consultants who will organise to give your candidate VIP access. They will then be paid weekly, their superannuation will be looked after and they will be covered by all professional insurances.

  • Can I offer a Freelancer a permanent or fixed term contract position?

    Absolutely!  If you appoint a freelancer you’ve met either through the freelance portal or via a Creative Recruiters Recruitment Consultant on a permanent basis or fixed term contract basis you’ll be charged a recruitment fee as per our standard terms of business. 

    Please request a copy of our terms of business from a Recruitment Consultant


  • Who is responsible for the completion of the freelance project?

    The freelancer you engage is ultimately responsible for delivering the work to your satisfaction.

    When you hire a Freelancer via at the end of the project you’ll have the opportunity to review and rate your experience with the freelancer. This is particularly important to the freelancer as your feedback is published to their Freelancer profile. And as part of our commitment to excellence, Freelancers who consistently receive poor reviews will be deregistered from the portal.

    When you hire via a Recruitment Consultant they will be in touch with you at the end of the project to ensure you have been satisfied with the outcome.

  • Can I re-engage a Freelancer again for a different project?

    Absolutely! Our terms of business stipulate that you must always do so via the or via a Recruitment Consultant.  Our Freelancers are not authorised to work with you directly and it would be a breach of their agreement with us were they to do so. 

  • What happens when a freelance project needs to be extended?

    Whether you’ve hired our Freelancer via or via a Recruitment Consultant, you need to let a Recruitment Consultant know so they can open a timesheet for the Freelancer. They will send you an extension email as well.  

    Tip: The sooner you know about the extension the better as you’ll need to ensure your Freelancer is still going to be available.

  • When I post a project will every Freelancer in the portal see it?

    Not if you don’t want them to.  You have the option of posting a ‘private and invite only’ project. If you select this option the project will only be visible to Freelancers that you personally invite.  Other companies can’t see your project either. 

  • Will I get rated at the end of a project?

    Yes, the Freelancer is given the option to rate their experience working with you. This is a fair system that protects both parties. If we see a problem we will manage it for you.

  • Do the Freelancers get rated at the end of a project?

    At the end of each project our Clients are provided with the opportunity to rate the Freelancer and leave comments relating to the work they’ve completed. We monitor all ratings and reviews and address any concerns directly with our Freelancer. These comments are moderated to ensure, no matter the feedback, that it is respectful and constructive.


  • Can I still hire Freelancers by speaking to a Recruitment Consultant directly?

    Absolutely, we’re always here when you need us! Although it’s worth noting that you won’t get to enjoy the extraordinary discounts that apply when you hire via the portal.

  • How does the Freelance Portal work?

    The freelance portal connects you with our clients quickly and effortlessly. It’s been designed to give our Clients access to VIP Freelancers.  If you qualify for registration (after an interview with a recruitment consultant) you will then receive an email alert if your skills match a project and you can pitch for that project based on your experience, rate and availability.

  • What type of Clients are on the Creative Recruiters Freelance Portal?

    Clients registered on the freelance portal are registered businesses confirmed via their ACN.


    The Clients have been pre-vetted by Creative Recruiters and they have signed terms of business that guarantees payment.

    The Clients will be a mix of design studios, advertising agencies, digital agencies and marketing agencies as well as in-house corporates and government departments.

  • How do I register on the Creative Recruiters Freelance Portal?

    Registration is by VIP invitation only. Not everyone will have the type of skills and experience that our Client base generally looks for. 

    The first step is to organise an interview with a Recruitment Consultant who will ascertain whether the Freelancer Portal is right for you.

  • I’m a fairly recent Graduate. Can I register for the Creative Recruiters Freelance Portal?

    You must have a minimum of three years, full time, work experience to be considered for an initial interview with Creative Recruiters for the freelance portal.  In the meantime please refer to our Graduate Tips.

  • Do I need to pay any fees?

    No.  This is a free service provided to you by the team at Creative Recruiters.

  • What insurance do I need?

    None. Our contractor management company will provid you with Professional Indemnity, Personal Liability and Workcover on each freelance project.


  • Can I invoice your Clients directly?

    No, you won’t be able to invoice our clients directly.  However, if you have a registered company (ACN) and you’re registered for GST and you’re lodging BAS statements, you will be able to invoice our contractor management company directly.  . Please speak to your Consultant for more details.


  • When I accept a project how do I get paid?

    When you accept a freelance project via the freelance portal you will be employed by our freelancer management company, Ayers Management

    Freelancers and ABN holders will be paid weekly as PAYG employees upon receipt of a Client authorised timesheet.

    Freelancers who are Directors of companies who are registered for GST and have professional indemnity and personal liability insurances, can be paid directly to the business.  

  • How do I set my Freelancer rate for a project?

    Before starting a Freelance project you will be given the opportunity to negotiate your rate with our Client. Your Recruitment Consultant will advise you during the VIP invitation process of the best rates to ensure you remain competitive.

  • How secure is the Portal?

    The freelance portal uses SSL technology to ensure all data is secure and private.

  • When I’m on a Freelance project where will I work?

    You’ll work onsite, or remotely, or a mix between the two depending on your agreement with our client and the current state of COVID-19 restrictions. Although things may change during the life of the freelance project, our recommendation is that you agree with our client where you’re mostly going to be working prior to the freelance project commencing.

  • What should I do if your Client asks me to complete another project?

    We encourage collaboration and expect in many instances our clients will choose to receive ongoing Freelance support from you once you’ve worked for them.

    Of course, all Freelance Projects must continue to be booked via Creative Recruiters so you will need to keep your Recruitment Consultant informed at all times when you are working for our clients. At no time are you to work directly for our clients without our knowledge.

    Please refer to the candidate terms of business you will have signed during your interview process for more information. You can request a copy at any time.


  • What should I do if your Client asks me to find them other Freelancers to collaborate on a project?

    Please politely let our client know that you are obligated to refer all requests of this kind back to Creative Recruiters.  Under no circumstances are you to provide referrals of Freelancers to our clients without our knowledge.

    Please refer to your candidate terms of business for your on-going obligations.

  • Do I get rated at the end of a project?

    At the conclusion of each project our client will have the option to rate you and leave comments based on the work you complete.  Creative Recruiters monitors all ratings and reviews to ensure any concerns are addressed directly with both you and our client.

  • Am I able to rate the Client at the end of a project?

    Yes. You will be given the opportunity to rate your experience at the end of the project.  We monitor the reviews carefully to ensure that all comments are fair and appropriate.

  • Who can see my profile?

    Your profile is visible to all registered clients, however, there’s an option for you to set your profile to ‘Private’.  Your profile is never visible to other Freelancers.


  • Can I cancel a Freelance project if I can no longer complete it?

    Yes, you can. We ask that you speak directly to a Recruitment Consultant, outlining why you’re no longer available to work with our Client before closing it on the Freelance Portal. The Recruitment Consultant will speak directly to our client and then guide you on what to do. 

  • What happens if I already work for your Client via another recruiter?

    At the time of registration, you will be asked to enter the names of the companies that you have a direct relationship with. This includes any companies that other recruiters may have made introductions to within the previous 12 months.   These organisations will not be able to view you and book you on the Creative Recruiters Freelancer Portal until the direct relationship has ceased.

    You will be able to manage this from within your portal.

    For more information about how best to manage conflicts of interest please make contact with your Recruitment Consultant.