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Graduate Tips

Creative Recruiters believes in keeping recruitment simple for everyone in the national and international creative community. Here are some simple tips to help you begin your career.

Applying for creative jobs

Most of our creative jobs are for commercially experienced candidates. However, please upload your CV and Folio because we do occasionally recruit for graduate roles. Be sure to continually update it with your work every six months.

Your CV / Resume

This exists purely to get you in front of your potential employer. When applying for jobs, remember that your CV and your Folio represent the product you’re trying to sell (you!). So give them the same care and attention you’d give to any of your designs.

Your CV is slightly less important than your Folio, but many employers still read it first, before deciding whether to view your Folio. So it needs to be good!

  • Start with your most recent job and work backwards. This gives a stronger impression of your current skill level.

  • Tailor your CV based on the job that you’re applying for. Readers only scan in the first instance, so show them what they need to see as quickly as possible. When they see what they’re looking for, they’ll stop and have a closer read.

  • Keep it short. Highlight your achievements under each role and bullet point the exact duties you were personally responsible for. Be specific. Did you work with established elements? Did you do the finished artwork? Which programs have you used? The technology you used in each role is important, so be clear and specify which software versions you are proficient in.

Your Creative Folio

This is your most important asset when applying for a creative job. Containing the best examples of your work, it needs to be constantly updated with content that matches the examples in your CV.

  • Separate folios. Once you gain more experience, you create separate folios depending on the type of business you are pitching your credentials to. Separate folios often read better than lumping your in-house corporate creative work with your point of sale advertising collateral work and your digital design work.

  • Include descriptions. In the corner of each page on your Folio, write a brief description of your involvement with the final product (e.g. cover design, image sourcing and finished art of 100 page annual report).

  • Get permission. If you've been freelancing, updating your folio can be a challenge. Where possible, we advise that you get permission from your workplace to include pieces of your work in your folio.

Your job hunt

When applying for a job, include a targeted cover letter summarising why you think you're the best person for the responsibilities described. Be brief and address each point within the job ad. This will give you an even greater chance of being shortlisted for interview.

Most importantly, keep note of which jobs and which companies you've applied for. When you get a call, it’s critical that you remember applying!

To avoid disappointment, only apply for roles for which you definitely have the required commercial experience (outlined in the advertisement). If you apply for everything, a Recruitment Consultant will soon get tired of this practice and you could be overlooked for the perfect opportunity.

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