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Production Co-ordinator

The production coordinator on film and television projects is responsible for making sure that every aspect runs smoothly behind the scenes and this is done with organisation and preparation. It is costly to produce digital and video content so the co-ordinator ensures that on the day of shooting/filming everything runs smoothly and equipment is prepared in advance. They generally report directly to the production manager, who assigns various tasks throughout production.

In this role, it is common to supervise other production assistants, extras, coordinate daily activities like catering, track billing, make sure that all actors know their call times and maintain all production schedules and project timelines.

While their duties may vary depending on the type of production work and company and the overall budget. A production coordinator is an integral part of making sure the administrative side of a production is well kept so that the production faces minimal hiccups. Let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities of the job. And how, if they’re executed correctly, they are an important part of the production process.

A production coordinator is responsible for working in the production office working on administrative tasks for a production company.

They report to the production manager or unit production manager and take on clerical duties rather than creative tasks. These duties can often pertain to managing staff, addressing emails and phone calls, or ordering any supplies for production.

What is a film coordinator responsible for?

  • Putting in production orders

  • Responding to emails and phone calls

  • Organizing production paperwork