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Design Project Co-ordinator

A design project coordinator plans and oversees the aesthetic elements of a project.

As a project coordinator, your job duties are to determine project requirements, develop design concepts, prepare cost estimates, source materials, review progress, and consult with clients every step of the way. Some design project coordinators work on building or construction projects, while others specialise in graphic design. To pursue a career as a design coordinator, you need a bachelor’s degree in a related field and proficiency in design software and programs.

The Design Project Co-ordinator is responsible for supporting the design team and process by providing design co-ordination and support for the design, sales, product development, and production processes. Design project management refers to the management of any kind of design project.

If there’s an element of design involved they need to oversee all the moving parts and encourage creativity while also adhering to strict client briefs and guidelines. It also requires the collaboration of multiple skills and input sources. There’s the very real danger of too many cooks spoiling the broth - or, in design terms, too many creatives spoiling the mock-up.

As a creative solutions design project manager majoring in digital, you will be required to deliver projects ranging from small-scale projects and campaigns to digital apps, platforms or solutions, brand projects, marketing materials to more complex projects. You will be the interface between the account manager and the agency or stakeholders, making digital expertise and organisational skills particularly important. Good financial skills are also essential, as you may be responsible for budget accountability on projects.