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Content Designer

The content designer is an integral role within a studio or digital agency.

The content designer makes sure all content meets user needs and requirements and is written in an enticing way and it fit for purpose. This includes the text, visuals and interactive content. This role at a senior level would be called a Lead Content Designer. At a senior level this role would have more responsibility and would manage a team of content creators, producers and designers. The Lead Content designer would have control of higher level projects and would have a plan and map out the content requirements for others to also contribute to.


  • work with subject matter experts to write clear text in plain language that invites interaction

  • review content to make sure it’s accurate and written in line with the

    Content Guidelines and client requirements

  • structure content to reflect how users read online and on different devices, often working with UX designers for an easy user experience

  • make sure content is accessible and inclusive

  • make sure content is searchable and findable and with a high level of SEO

  • uses research and data to make sure content meets user needs and if referenced appropriately.

  • communicate the principles of content design to the team and agency

This role can focus on blog content, internal communications or social media posts. The role is varied and specific to the industry or organisation.