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EDM Specialist

An EDM Specialist, conceptualises, creates and implements intuitive, engaging and brand-consistent email communications and digital promotions.  

The EDM (electronic direct mail) specialist collaborates with other designers, user interface specialists, content writers and marketing managers to develop, test and design digital marketing emails and web banners.  

It is essential that the EDM designer understands the principles of design, user experience and user interface and also have experience with HTML and CSS. The EDM specialist has an excellent understanding of what time of day is best for which type of email messaging. They are proficient in using multiple email marketing platforms and CRM's.

They may also be a designer that creates the look and visuals of the email marketing messages.

List management and creation is also a major part of this role and understanding spam laws is also important. EDM specialists often work closely with Marketing Managers and graphic designers as well as front end developers and website designers.