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Content Producer

A Content Producer oversees the making of content for websites and other social media platforms and blog pages. 

The Content Producer creates, edits and arranges text, video, audio, images and a vast array of digital assets that may be included on a website or social platform.  The content is designed and intended to attract attention of new customers and would be mapped and planned out in line with a marketing plan. Many organisations are required to have an online presence and the key way to attract customers to a website is via content. Therefore a content producer is an essential role. A Lead Content Producer would be responsible for the plan and mapping out of what content is produced, when it is issued and the aim of the content and where it should be placed. Lead Content Producers may also be responsible for advertising of the content and make decisions on where that content is display and how it is used.

Finding ways to boost the popularity of a website and increase engagement is often the responsibility of the Content Producer.  Therefore the role also extends to interviewing Thought Leaders in order to produce interesting and engaging blogs and vlogs.  The ability to communicate in writing is therefore a critical aspect of this role. It goes hand in hand with copywriting and in smaller organisations this could be one in the same role.