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Gaming Community Manager

Community managers take care of the essential part of any game – the gamers themselves. Every great game has fans - fans who play with each other, talk on social media, go to tournaments and wear the t-shirts.

Community managers are responsible for the community that grows around the game. That means they attend events, write newsletters, organise social media, set up live streams and find the best way of dealing with criticism too.

They are the people who know the fans best. They speak on behalf of the fans to the game designers so that the game can be improved. When community managers do their job well, sales of the game increase.

What they are good at:

  • Understanding gamers: know who’s playing particular games, figure out what the community wants and feed that back to the game developers

  • Communication: good at writing for newsletters and social media, be able to edit images and videos

  • Organising: create a plan for communicating the game to the fans, manage projects and analyse feedback

  • Analytics: know how to use tools that track how people are using the website and social media

  • Knowledge of games: understand the market for games, how games are made and the people who make them