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Game Systems Designer

A game systems designer is responsible for creating core gameplay systems. They create the software that will power the game system. They are usually brought in at the begning of the process and they assemble the suite of technology needed to design the game, scenes and AI.

They manage the systems and performance of the game and ensure smooth running of the process. The responsiblities include:

  • Design RPG game systems including core character progression, loot/inventory, player skills, crafting professions, and multiple others

  • Balance and tune core game mechanics and processes

  • Design feature systems (progression & reward structures, economy/currency, sinks & sources etc.) which are aligned with the creative, game, and monetisation directions

  • Understand competitive game systems, it's advantages

  • Write and maintain design documentation related to in-game systems

  • Evaluate player feedback and sssess the impacts of adding, removing, or updating content on player engagement

  • Usually around 5+ years of professional working experience is required

  • Experienced in C# & Unity game engine, GaaS games and developing VR games/experiences