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Director/Head of Digital

Digital directors or Heads of Digital typically manage the activities and processes of a company's digital ecosystem including websites, social media, e-commerce, and marketing campaigns. They design and implement digital marketing strategies, analyze data traffic and user metrics, and ensure the consistency of a brand's digital tone and presence.

Digital Directors usually hold a bachelor's degree in marketing and/or digital technologies, or a relevant field.

To succeed as a Digital Director, you must have proven work experience to understand how digital channels work and a proven track record to manage a department and a team of creative directors and studio managers.

As the Head of Digital your main responsibilities would be:

  • Lead digital transformation through a complex service delivery organisation continuously improving the effectiveness and impact

  • Lead resource planning, management, reporting and coordination of projects/initiatives to deliver change in line with availability and business requirements.

  • You will lead end-to-end delivery digital projects, including technology delivery, and change management required to improve, implement and embed digital systems, IT infrastructures and processes.

  • Ensure best practices and processes across the digital team for the consistent delivery of projects.

  • Develop ongoing plans for delivery activities and manage any allocated resources to ensure that the team delivers to committed tasks.

  • Lead digital planning, including IT projects and the allocation of staffing resources.

  • Oversee the financial aspects including purchasing, budgeting & budget review.

  • Research solutions and make recommendations for the improvement of systems and infrastructure.

  • Ensure teams are delivering to a common plan and purpose, and that risks and issues are well-managed.

  • Extensive expertise in key digital principles, including person-centred design, prototyping

  • Agile delivery in a sensitive and complex environment

  • Experience with managing existing teams and creating team identity and culture and setting standards and procedures.

  • Knowledge of IT & information governance including GDPR

  • Significant experience working with 3rd party suppliers, including digital agencies and software vendors

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