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Design Director

So what does a Design Director do?

A Design Director usually holds a supervisory role and is responsible for leading a team of designers.  

The Design Director, under instruction from a Creative Director, guides designers and other creative professionals to bring collaborative visions to fruition.  They will know how to pull together creative teams for particular projects and have the necessary skills to encourage collaboration and ideation.

Design directors ensure that all products and experiences are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality. In addition to communicating a company's creative vision to design teams and stakeholders, a design director supervises the entire design process and all-important technical decisions.

Design directors oversee design and branding projects for clients, manage design teams, and develop and supervise design projects. Advertising companies, marketing agencies, automotive companies, interior design companies, and entertainment businesses hire design directors to work full-time office hours with few evenings or weekends required. Design directors are supervisors within a collaborative environment, and they primarily report to the account or art department director. Design directors work in offices but may travel to other offices, conference rooms, or restaurants to meet with various clients

Some of the responsibilities of the Design Director are:

  • Establishing a creative strategy, budgets & schedules for key design projects for clients and in house.

  • Mentor and supervise creative team while challenging and introducing new and innovative methods of creative execution.

  • Motivate and influence the creative team to be their best and excel in performance.

  • Develop and design concepts and execute creative material as required.

  • Convey and develop overall interactive team design vision.

  • Define group direction and goals, direct and motivate the group of designers and creative personnel

  • Assign creative leads and develop accounts and project team.

  • Direct, manage and lead dedicated designers group across multiple disciplines and categories.

  • Select particular business segment and provide tactical and strategic direction.

  • Head and direct team providing key concepts, strategies and brand positioning.

  • Convey design concepts to various internal and external stakeholders

  • Manage design processes to ensure timely delivery of designs.

  • Contribute strategically to brand designs.

  • Provide influencing ideas to enhance department productivity.

  • Lead and direct work intake and overall design project assignment process.