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Art Director

An Art Director makes sure that each member of the creative team produce and complete their work on time and to the creative directors and/or the client’s satisfaction.

Art Directors play a major role in the development of a project by making decisions on the visual elements and how they communicate visually, stimulate moods, and how they appeal to a target audience.  

During the brainstorming process, Art Directors must be able to imagine what the finished design or scene will look like.  They are ultimately responsible for solidifying the vision of the Creative Director.

This job involves managing a team of designers working on a creative project, however the degree of responsibility, tasks and autonomy can vary from company to company. You need to have leadership skills and vision. One of the main differences between this role and the role of a graphic designer is that you will work more with people than computers and tech. You will collaborate with clients, designers, stakeholders and suppliers.

Part of the role is creating an environment of collaboration and creativity. Managing the traffic and directing designers on the expected outcomes.

One key aspect of the art director role is that of management: for example, critiquing people's work, working to deadlines and budgets, and (on occasion) working with designers who have missed the brief or failed to hit the mark. It's important that the Art Director can guide the audience through the vision, concept and what has been designed by the team. Presentation skills and organisation are key aspects of this role.

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