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Ways to make sure that job is yours.

17 Aug 00:00 By Georgia Mandarino

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Ways to make sure that job is yours. Tips to securing that next role or dream job.

If you have a dream job in your sights or are planning on moving on from your current role and are eyeing off some of the excellent opportunities out there at the moment, there are several things you can do to secure that role for yourself. In this blog we cover some tips to make sure that you stand out from the crowd, showcase your talent and be confident you will be the first choice for the interviewers. 

1.Audit your resume or CV

This sounds basic and like common sense but this is an area often overlooked. Most people have a resume that they use to apply for all jobs.  Many don’t go back and review their resumes often and just add the most frequent position or qualifications, however, auditing your resume is a really great place to start:

  • Check the font and formatting make sure it is simple to read and consistently spaced, use a resume template if needed

  • Double and triple check for spelling, grammar and typos

  • Use keywords from the job advertisement - some systems scan resumes automatically and use keywords to make selections

  • Make sure information is relevant

  • Briefly explain gaps in employment

  • If it’s a creative role, be creative with your resume and how you present it

2. Manage your digital identity with care

Your social media profile, comments and postings are open to the public. Some hiring managers and recruiters will investigate and check your profile to get further insight into your personality, likes and dislikes and to gauge if you are a good cultural fit for their company. 

Your social media should be managed with care and professionalism. It is a social platform but you should know that aspects of it can be viewed and a determination made from it. Manage it and if you’re looking for your dream job pay particular attention to what you say, photos you post and comments you make. If there are any red flags on social media it could negatively impact your prospects. Google yourself and see what comes up and if it is acceptable.  If you have flagged yourself as ‘open to work’ on LinkedIn make sure you keep that status updated and have contact details on your profile. ( Link to blog- ‘Your Linkedin profile is more important than you think’)

3. Study & profile your potential employer 

There is really no excuse for not studying, profiling and learning everything you can about your potential employer. This step is really essential and shows your interest, dedication and that you know why you want to work there. For most hiring managers it’s a given that you will know all about the company prior to the interview, so get educated on the way they work, their policies, culture and goals so that you can speak with confidence at the interview. Figure out what they want, what they seek in their employees so you can match your responses accordingly.

4. Listen & Read

Another really basic tip, but one that is very important and often overlooked, read the key selection criteria, position description and job requirements with care. If they ask for a cover letter or anything else, don’t ignore the instructions provided in the job description. Try to address the points in your cover letter or in person at the interview. These are the aspects that you are being measured against and knowing what they seek is an excellent foundation when answering questions. 

Listening carefully to questions is key. Really answering and responding to what is asked of you shows that you are attentive, switched on and not running your own agenda.

5. Don’t be shy to talk yourself up

This doesn’t come easily to everyone. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and take the opportunity to really shine. Be confident, claim your place in being considered for the role.  Always have further questions to ask the interviewer at the end if given the opportunity as it’s one of the best ways to show your intent and enthusiasm for the role. 

You have been given this time to put your best foot forward, no regrets. Tell them who you are, why you want it and simply why they wouldn’t want to consider anyone else after you.  There is a fine line between being confident and obnoxious so practice with friends, peers or your recruiter so you can strike that balance perfectly.

6. Think about what questions you may be asked and prepare

Be ready and prepared for what you may be asked. Have an explanation for any gaps in your employment history or breaks in qualifications. Be prepared to go into detail about your achievements in your past. Be ready to explain how you met and exceeded expectations, KPI’s or targets. Adapt your responses in a way that would be attractive to the interviewing company.  Prepare yourself for questions that might be left of field from the role, about how you work alone, remotely or with others. Think about your responses to questions about what you do with your spare time etc and be forthcoming with information about your personality that is a good fit for the role. 

To help you plan further view our videos:

Preparation, practice and personality are the key factors in helping you secure that next dream role.  

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