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Traffic Co-ordinator

Traffic coordinators know every aspect of a company’s or agencies workflow including projects and production, they are responsible for keep things moving under pressure and on tight deadlines and ensuring the studio keeps on top of workload. Traffic co-ordinator jobs require exceptional organisation, attention to detail, adaptability, and a diplomatic touch. It helps considerably if they have support of the team and organisation.

The Traffic Co-ordinator is the person who gets things done. Their job is to stay on top of all of the parts of the project that make up a marketing or ad campaign, ensuring they stay on deadline and on budget.

The Traffic Manager or Co-ordinator's main duty is to be a sort of traffic gateway. They direct the work to and from internal marketing communications teams, creative designers. In an agency, this may be one of the most important roles in the business and essential to keep everything moving. The Traffic Coordinator controls the red light/green light of a creative project or marketing campaign. They understand how all of the pieces come together and are tasked with making sure everything is accomplished.

Traffic Coordinators are extremely organized, methodical and detail-oriented. They are excellent communicators of concise, accurate deadline-driven information. Understanding people, teams and getting the most from them and they should know instinctively when to push and when to let things simmer as they work to keep departments on track.

This includes working with business teams to collaborate on marketing plans that stretch across all media outlets. As a result, they must rank high in interpersonal and communication skills. They are patient and are excellent at managing stress.

If you want to keep your projects organized, a Traffic Coordinator is imperative for your organization.