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Brand Manager

A Brand Manager is responsible for adapting a brand strategy for a company's target market.  Integral to the role is brand guardianship therefore brand managers will maintain brand integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications.

Brand managers are responsible for ensuring that the products, services and product lines that fall under their domain resonate with current and potential customers. They continuously monitor marketing trends and track competitive products in the marketplace. Liaising with clients and senior management, managing a team of junior marketers.

Usually working with other creative team members such as marketing managers or CMOs, brand managers serve as the point-person for developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives for a particular brand. These tactics include campaigns such as print, web, social media, broadcast, etc, events, corporate responsibility programs and sponsorships.

Brand Managers are responsible for more than executing marketing campaigns. They need to have strong analytical skills, be very business savvy and the ability to multitask are all essential.

​Brand Managers are often responsible for:

  • Creating and managing promotional collateral to establish and maintain product branding

  • Brand strategy, including the setting of style guides, brand guidelines, brand vision and value proposition

  • Planning and execution of all communications and media actions on all channels, including online and social media

  • Assisting with product development, pricing and new product launches as well as developing new business opportunities

  • Managing the advertising budget and stakeholder expectations

  • Competitor and customer insights analysis, sales forecasts and relevant financials and reporting on product sales