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Digital Product Owner

A digital product owner is different to a product manager. They work with agile teams and often represent the customers view when making decisions regarding the product. To work in this field it is expected that you would have some experience with:

  • product marketing

  • software development

  • customer experience

  • user experience (UX) design

Most employers will expect you to have:

  • an understanding of online user behaviours

  • knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO), analytics, UX, design and marketing

  • experience in helping a business make major changes in the digital environment

  • knowledge of agile project management methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and Lean

Skills and knowledge

The required skills to be successful in this role will be:

  • knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware and software

  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail

  • customer service skills

  • the ability to use your initiative and work well with others collaboratively

  • the ability to monitor your own performance and that of your colleagues

  • excellent verbal communication skills and analytical thinking skills

  • to be up to speed with software packages and knowledge of software platforms to execute the role

Day-to-day tasks

As a digital product owner, you will:

  • work closely with your teams in development and planning

  • represent users by taking their feedback to help improve the product

  • work with user experience (UX) designers to make sure the product is something that people like and is easy to use

  • develop business cases and user stories for new features

  • work with the design team to draft first versions of your product or service

  • keep stakeholders and teams informed about your product's development

  • manage relationships between the development team, partners and customers

  • produce reports on the performance of the product