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Presentation Specialist

A Presentation Specialist is responsible for transforming generic, text heavy presentations into more engaging, concise and interactive experiences for a targeted audience.

Using graphs, flowcharts and infographics, a Presentation Specialist ensures all elements are designed to a company’s corporate colors and brand guidelines.  

A Presentation Specialist will integrate audio, video and animation to strategically add impact and emphasis to the presentation. They prepare presentations for all areas of a business but mostly what they produce is to promote the business, organisation or product. Sometimes these presentations are used internally to communicate and illustrate a message to the viewers. It incorporates good design and communication skills. Presentation specialists know how to tell stories and are masterful story tellers. They craft a journey from information and make it interesting and engaging. They aim for clarity and a clear pathway through the information. Many feel that they can do it themselves however hiring a professional to create presentations can really make a difference to the end result.

Infographics and combining information into one document or presentation is common. Graphic design skills are essential and will be used often however presentation specialists need to get across a message and so they need to factor several components.

Presentation Specialists will have expert knowledge of software programs such as MS Powerpoint, Prezi and Keynote. They will also have a solid knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, and an understanding of PC and MAC environments is essential.

A presentation specialist designs and develops presentations according to the company's or client's guidelines, and works to conceptualise topics and present them clearly and concisely. These individuals are experts in graphic design and the presentation of visual information.