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Packaging Designer

A Packaging Designer is responsible for the look and feel of a product, as the way a product is presented on the shelf is a huge factor in its purchase appeal. 

A Packaging Designer needs to have a  sense of what's on trend and a good understanding of what their client needs are. While style and design skills are important, so is a business sense to make sure the design outcome is cost effective. 

A Packaging Designer may work within a packaging design studio, in-house within a company or on a freelance basis within various companies. They must have the ability to generate effective hand-drawn sketches and then use Illustrator and Photoshop and perhaps InDesign to combine typography, graphics and other design elements. The work with the following:

  • Packaging Template Design: This one requires some industrial design know-how. Designing the template itself means knowing how an object or product's packaging (box, label, bag, display, etc.) needs to function in the real world and how to it needs to be manufactured.

  • Concept Design: Designers start with concept. Concept design can range from the entirety of a packaging design or product to something like graphic design for an already established template or brand.

  • Branding: Sometimes the product is not an established brand. The designer would conceive of the product's packaging as integral to the overall brand, creating logos, style guides, packaging concepts, and more in line with the vision of the product.

  • Graphic Design: All of the graphic work involved with packaging design including logos, layout, illustration, typography, and more.

They use digital illustration and layout computer software to draft and create designs. Package designers may also make prototypes of potential designs to present to clients. A large part of their job is coordinating and communicating with their clients to make sure the client's goals are realised. A packaging designer uses skills in graphic design to help make a product appealing to potential buyers through its packaging. Their duties might include selecting typefaces, colours, and illustrations for the packaging so design skills are essential.

In some cases it would be required to be proficient in up to date printing processes and materials. Various technology such as CAD design and similar may be required in some cases.