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So what does an illustrator do?

Illustrators conceptualise and create illustrations which represent an idea or a story through 2D and 3D images. 

Illustrators also do drawings for printed material such as books, magazines, textiles, greeting cards, wrapping paper, packaging, stationary you name it!

An illustrator might use pencil or paint or software such as Adobe Illustrator. There are also Technical Illustrators who conceptualise and create 3D images, storyboard sketches, animations for TV commercials, movies, computer games and exhibition designs.

Illustrators are responsible for:

  • Brainstorming with the marketing and design team to come up with image ideas.

  • Preparing and designing rough draft illustrations according to client specifications.

  • Defining any budget or time limitations.

  • Creating complete illustrations by combining painting, hand-drawn and digitally created images.

  • Refining image design using illustration software which may be used for commercial purposes

  • Enhancing the design concept using a wide range of colours and graphics, brand elements and design

  • Applying complex isometric techniques to add perspective to design shapes.

  • Formatting final illustrations using state of the art design software including CAD software.

  • Ensuring that printed illustrations meet specified colour and quality standards