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Creative Studio Insider Podcasts

Episode 1 - Frankie Fung - Hanes

In this episode, we talk to Frankie Fung the Design and Content Manager at Hanes Brands.

We discuss the key elements he thinks make up an effective team and look into taking care of the mental health of your design team.



​Episode 3 - Andrew Ashton Creative Director and Founder of The Powerhouse Program

In this episode, we spoke with Andrew Ashton, Creative Director and Founder of The Power House Program. He told us about:

- Empowering in-house design studios to do more than just cool presentations.

- How In-house studios can influence how ideas are generated.

- His Powerhouse platform is launching to help In-house studios find meaning in what they do. 


​Episode 5 - Iain Anderson CSM at Rail Projects Victoria

Iain Anderson talks us through his 30 years of experience in the advertising industry. How technology has changed the industry from the first introduction of Apple Macbooks.

Iain is part of Rail Project Victoria a Government operation that delivers multiple campaigns throughout the year.  He takes us inside his Studio and how things are run.  He tells us about:

-Dealing with strict regulations and taking your team remote 

-Working on Government projects 

-The decline in Print media vs Digital media production


Episode 7 - Georgia Carrington Creative & Advertising Manager at Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions

Vicki-Anne speaks to Georgia Carrington Creative & Advertising Services Manager about her role at the Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions. 
Georgia takes us through the function of the Studio inside the department and the main responsibilities:

-Creating great communication

-Solving problems

-Supporting other departments and agencies such as Agriculture Victoria, Creative Victoria 

-Staying on brand and connecting with the Victorian community

From a background in retail, Georgia explains how the scale and diversity of Government are what attracted her to the role.  The incredible scale of programs and deliverables is what makes the work worthwhile.  The conversation covers managing a studio during COVID-19 to advice for those considering Government as an employer, including managing a remote team and the technology that assists. 


Episode 9 - Jason Freestone - CSM at Fuji Business Innovation

Vicki-Anne chats with Jason Freestone the Creative Services Director of Fuji Business Innovation (Formerly Fuji Xerox). In this podcast they cover:

-Agile ways of working vs traditional methods

-Getting stakeholder 'buy-ins' and educating others on the creative processes

-Comparing the large corporations and their differences and similarities

-Where design and creativity have come from and where they are headed.

This is a must-listen podcast, Jason shares his experiences in the many varied studios he has worked with. For any studio manager or aspiring studio manager, Jason has lots of pearls of wisdom to share. 


Episode 11- Holly Dillion - Creative Services Manager - Brandworks( Formerly)

Vicki-Anne and Holly chat about the tech stack that helps the teamwork remotely and internationally. Collaborating with hospitality partners and working alongside internal creative teams and how it all works. Holly chats about major projects with hospitality clients and ensuring that you manage client expectations as well as navigating the best way to work with stakeholders



Episode 14- Hanna Schenkel Creative Services Manager - Bluestone

Vicki-Anne speaks with Hanna about what Bluestone does and what makes up the creative services team. From a background in writing, we learn how Hanna has adapted those skills to become a manager of a creative team. This podcast is full of insights and covers team building, leadership, a good brief and working in financial services.


Episode 15- Andrew Still - Creative Services Manager - Tourism Australia

Andrew and Vicki-Anne cover the ways in which Tourism Australia has had to shift focus from outbound and attracting international visitors to Australia to internal and promoting areas of Australia to Australians.

We learn all about how the studio operates and how they archive significant footage and where to for the future. 



​Episode 18- Justin Mansfield - Creative Manager - Red Nose Organisation

CONTENT WARNING: This podcast discusses stillbirth and initiatives around prevention. Please use your discretion if this topic is difficult for you. 

We chat with Justin Mansfield Creative Manager at the not for profit organisation that many of us know and love - Red Nose Organisation.  In this podcast, we cover some very serious issues that face parents in Australia and building awareness around these difficult topics. 

Justin shares with us his creative journey and how he came to work with Red Nose Organisation. Don't miss our last podcast for 2021. 


Episode 20 - Andrew Green - Head of Design - Canva

This is one podcast you don't want to miss. Andrew's extensive background in design and work with international companies firstly from the software tech side then later in design allows him unique insight into what makes a great studio and he shares with us his journey, brands he admires and where Canva sits as a platform with designers.


Episode 22 - Jim Yencken - Digital Director - Liquorice Studios

​In this episode Ethan chats to Jim Yenken who shares with us lots of insight into running a studio, working with designers, leading a UX team and much more. How Jim started out and what being a start up meant to his journey moving forward in the world of design. Jim shares a lot in this candid conversation with Ethan and for any designer working in a start up this is an essential episode to tune into.

An excellent podcast for emerging designers and those considering the world of UX

Episode 24 - Mils Achi - Creative Studio Manager - Mabel

​In this episode Lawrence and Mils chat about the creative journey, inspiration, and lots more. We learn about being a creative in a space where helping others is at the core of what they do.

Episode 26 - Liz Mackevicius-

​Tune into this podcast episode with Jen & Liz as they discuss mindfulness, coaching and how to work out what you want at work.

Episode 2 - Emily Ralfs - Movember

Are you running an international in-house creative studio? Then you’ll be able to relate to the latest episode of our new podcast, the Creative Studio Insider.
​In Ep#2, Emily Ralfs tells us what it’s like to manage a top studio across multiple locations, and the biggest challenges she’s faced this year. You can also read the full blog article here.


Episode 4 - Bud Peart CSM at Wellcom Worldwide

Bud Peart is the Creative Services Manager at Wellcom. Wellcom is working with some big names in the Australian retail space and make use of some interesting technology to run their studios across Melbourne and Sydney.  We discussed a few interesting topics from the life of a Creative Service Manager:
-The journey from being a hardworking all-rounder, in a small business, to the life of a freelancer and then eventually managing his own delivery team at Wellcom. 

-What happens when you are part of a multinational acquisition and how to plan for a global delivery footprint. ​


Episode 6 - Tara Hooper CSM at Treasury Wine Estate

​In the latest episode of the Creative Studio Insider Podcast, we had Tara Hooper CSM at the Treasury Wine Estate join. Starting her career in the US and travelling across the world, she now is a proud Aussie.  She shared a few top tips with us, the value of having an internal design studio 

-Tech Stacks for internal studios

-The biggest challenges faced by her team

-How problem-solving is one of the top skills needed in her team 

-Coping as a creative in a Corporate 



Episode 8 - Chris Riordan - CSM at Department of Education & Training

In this episode, Vicki-Anne speaks with Chris Riordan the Creative Services Manager about working as a creative at the Department of Education & Training. 
Chris explains:

-How his team managed to keep their creativity while working remotely

-How job titles and roles have changed over the years

-Using video in a variety of creative ways

-Having the best of both worlds

With a love of videography and photography, Chris tells us about his journey and how he came to work for the government. What technology is being utilised to help the team and the type of work his department works on. ​


Episode 10 - Karen Simpson - Scrum Master at WooliesX

Vicki-Anne speaks to Karen Simpson the Scrum Master at WooliesX.  In this podcast, we learn all about the new ways of working and what that means to creativity and collaboration.  With a career starting in Montreal Canada and now based in Sydney, Karen shares with us:

-the role of a scrum master

-agile transformation

-sprints and how effective they are in a studio environment

-a career from agency work to WooliesX

If you are interested in learning more about transformational creativity and design work this podcast will be enlightening. 



Episode 13 - Robin Sinclair - Creative Services Director for Save The Children

Vicki-Anne speaks with Robin Sinclair about some of the lives more serious issues like climate change and how it affects children globally, displaced people around the world. Robin also shares with us the way his team works, the technology they use to collaborate globally and what the focus of the organisation is.

This podcast is one you don't want to miss as we cover the role of the Creative in the wider context of making a difference to the world.​



Episode 16 - Christie Sinai - Studio Manager for Xero

Vicki-Anne chats with Christie who is based near Wellington in New Zealand. They discuss the differences between Australia & New Zealand as well as:

  • Managing a remote team using technology

  • Defining 'greatness'

  • Managing internal and external stakeholders and their expectations

  • Working for a financial services company experiencing huge growth


Episode 17 - Stew Miles - Studio Manager - Suburban Rail Loop Authority

Stew Miles tells us all about his creative career, how he came to be studio manager at the newly formed Suburban Rail Authority and working remotely:

  • Setting up a new studio

  • Defining creativity

  • Working remotely and still being creative


Episode 19- Mitchell Jones - Head of Creative - Made For

In this episode we focus on the world of work with Mitchell Jones - Head of Creative at Made For.

With his vast experience in designing some of the best places to work he tells us about how the creative process works for him and his team and about how the new ways of working are shaping up.

This insightful podcast is a must for any designers or creatives, even creative business owners who are planning ahead and wanting to ensure their team has the best possible working environment.



Episode 21- Dan Crozier - Head of Multi Media -Leo Burnett

Vicki-Anne speaks with Dan Crozier in this insightful episode. Covering the history of the well established agency, what makes it and about design and working in a high functioning creative team.


Episode 23 - Nancy Shah - Principal Designer - Next The Creative Plane ( Reece Group)

In this episode, our host Ethan unpacks the world on in-house consultancy and the varied projects that Next works on.  She explains the differences between in-house and external. Having a finance and commercial background adds an extra element to design and strategy work. 

They discuss managing innovation and change for growth and how to overcome the fear of change.  The emerging trends in UX design and where it's headed.

Listen in for an excellent, up-to-date discussion about current design strategy and UX. 

​Episode 25 - Christopher Phillips - Mental Health & Wellness in Creative Jobs

​Tune into this insightful podcast with Lawrence Akers and Christopher Phillips as they discuss mental health and wellness in creative workplaces.