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Resilience - 2 Part Vlog

29 Feb 00:00 By Vicki-Anne Craigen

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Hi I’m Vicki-Anne from Creative Recruiters

In the ever challenging post-COVID world,

the workplace has become a mosh pit of change.

The ability to adapt and persevere has never been more critical.

As the Founder and Managing Director of Creative Recruiters,

I've witnessed firsthand the profound impact that a lack of resilience has on businesses, including my own.

When resilience is lacking in the workplace, the repercussions are felt across the entire spectrum of business operations.

Without a resilient workforce companies, or at the very least their Leadership teams, risk succumbing to the pressures of uncertainty and change.

Challenges can feel insurmountable.

Morale suffers.

Stress levels are heightened.

On the flip side, businesses that prioritise and foster resilience

create a vibrant and high performing workplace culture.

Resilient teams view challenges as opportunities for growth.

The positive effects ripple through the business, and it fosters innovation, collaboration and a collective mindset that embraces change.

So the million dollar question….how do you identify resilience?

Resilience is a behaviour.

You’ll see it in someone's ability to easily adapt to change.

They’ll have a proactive mindset and attitude.

They’ll have strong communication skills, and have a very real desire to seek feedback and support.

They’ll soak up training opportunities, wanting to improve and grow at every turn.

Interestingly the most resilient employees are often team players.

You’ll see them offering support during tough times and they will actively contribute to a positive team dynamic.

When you’re interviewing for your team, I recommend that you develop a set of interview questions that are designed to uncover

whether the person sitting in front of you has the Resilience required to navigate the role you have in mind for them.

Once the person is on board watch for the signs of resilience and reward it when you see it.

This will help you foster a workplace culture that truly values and encourages resilience at every skill level.

It’s a big topic right now amongst business owners.

So if you’re struggling with a lack of resilience in your team,

you’re certainly not on your own.

So free to give me a call any time, to just vent or to workshop some solutions.

I’m here when you need me.

Until then, keep smiling.