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Upskilling Unicorns

22 Dec 00:00 By Jennifer Ghantous

Up Skilling Unicorns

As a creative person, your inherent passion for your craft is the driving force behind you working as hard as you do to channel your creativity into a career. But as you continue upon your professional journey it’s crucial not to lose sight of the initial enthusiasm that inspired you in the first place. This is why creating space to delve into your own creativity is incredibly important as well as being self satisfying.

The great thing about passion projects is you never know where the inspiration may lead you. By allowing time to indulge in your creativity you may rediscover an entirely different form of creative expression that you haven’t spent time on in years. Did you used to draw as a kid? Or spend time writing imaginative stories? When was the last time you did that? Or by carving out this time for yourself you might even discover a new outlet for your creativity all together! 

There’s also career centric perks to leaning into self driven passion projects too. As an example, the final product of your project could be used towards adding to your existing portfolio. Consider, is there a specific company that you’d love to work with in future? You could work towards developing one of your passion projects around a similar brief that has been completed by a company or agency that you’d like to approach for a future role. This is a great way of grabbing their attention. 

So whenever you have the chance and find that you have some spare time on your hands, why not start creating purely for yourself? Prioritizing your own creative time can contribute to rejuvenating the initial spark that led you to pursue your career to begin with or simply serve as a well deserved treat to yourself.