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The Career Carol: The Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future

21 Dec 00:00 By Georgia Mandarino

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The Career Carol: The Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future

'Tis the season for reflection, and in a Dickensian fashion, let's embark on a journey through the Ghosts of Career Past, Present, and Future. As the holiday decorations twinkle and the scent of cinnamon fills the air, take a moment to cast your mind back and ponder the decisions that have shaped your professional trajectory. Are you on the right path, or on the scenic route? Has the journey to date been straightforward or have you had some bumps in the road? Join us as we navigate the Career Carol and discover the hidden lessons this famous story has to offer.

The Ghost of Career Past: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Take a moment to consider the ghost of career past. Like a well-worn novel, your professional journey and the past workplaces is something to reflect upon. Did you make the right turn at the crossroads, looking back? Reminisce about the decisions that led you to your current position, the victories that brought a sense of accomplishment, and the challenges that shaped your resilience.

Consider the lessons in your past – the mentor who guided you, the projects that fueled your passion, and even the setbacks that propelled you forward. Acknowledge the ghosts of missed opportunities, for they are the wisest tutors. Let the Ghost of Career Past illuminate the stepping stones and stumbling blocks that have sculpted your present reality.

The Ghost of Career Present: Unwrapping the Present

Amidst the holiday chaos and year-end deadlines, the Ghost of Career Present hovers, urging you to take a pause. What aspects of your current job bring you joy, and what could use a sprinkle of holiday cheer? In the hustle and bustle, find a quiet moment to appreciate where you are.

Consider your daily tasks – do they ignite a spark of passion, or do they feel like a repetitive carol playing on a loop? Reflect on your relationships with colleagues and superiors – are they nurturing or needy? Scrutinise your current career state. The Ghost of Career Present challenges you to find joy in the now and to infuse happiness into your professional life.

The Ghost of Career Future: Envisioning Tomorrow

Fast forward to the future – where do you envision yourself by the next holiday season? The Ghost of Career Future is a beacon of possibility and potential. As you sip on your Christmas punch, allow your imagination to roam freely. What goals do you aspire to achieve, and what changes can you make to align your career with your future work goals?

Consider the skills you want to cultivate, the projects that will ignite your passion, and the milestones that will bring a sense of accomplishment and even promotion. The Ghost of Career Future invites you to dream boldly, challenging you to envision a professional landscape that resonates with your aspirations. Perhaps there's a new path waiting to be explored, a career avenue you still need to consider, or a role that perfectly aligns with your skills and passions.

Career Reflection

As the ghosts of Career Past, Present, and Future fade into the shadows, they leave behind a moments of reflection. The Career Carol, acknowledges the lessons of the past, savor the joys of the present, and dream boldly for the future.

This holiday season, embrace the spirit of Dickens, and as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, step into 2024 with newfound clarity and purpose. If you are keen to explore what is on the horizon there are several things you can do in the new year: 

  • Update your CV and folio in preparation, include your best projects and an overview of the brief

  • Map out where you see yourself in your professional life in 5 years time

  • Connect with a recruiter who can work with you on presenting yourself and showcasing your skills and they can update you with relevant opportunities

  • Set up a job alert on our website so you are informed of roles as they come up