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​The Silly Season - Best time to hire

30 Nov 00:00 By Adele Last

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The Silly Season - Best time to hire

This time of year is always unusual and even more so the end of 2023 where we are seeing so many twists and turns in the job market it is like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. (ok so showing my age there).

You may be thinking we just need to get through these next few weeks and can take a big breath and then start trying to fill that job or staff that project next year. That doesn't even take into account your own staff who are planning to resign or who are silently quitting in their jobs - that you need to move on.

It is a perfect storm waiting to happen. There is one small thing you can do now to ensure you have a life raft when the storm hits. Connect with a specialist recruiter and make them aware of challenges in your business now. We know you don't want to hire before Christmas but briefing us now will save you a lot of heartache.

It is estimated up to 77% of people actively look or consider other roles over the holiday season. It is because it is a time of contemplation and reflection. People take stock of what is important and what they want and start putting their head up to look around. You want to be what they see when they look.

Reasons to Plan Now:

  1. Preventing Future Heartache: While it may seem tempting to delay hiring discussions until after the holiday season, briefing a recruiter now can save you a considerable amount of heartache in the long run. By proactively addressing potential staffing issues, you position yourself to respond swiftly when the need arises.

  2. End-of-Year Reflections: The holiday season prompts up to 77% of individuals to actively consider or explore new career opportunities. It's a time of reflection, a moment when people take stock of their priorities and aspirations. By connecting with a recruiter now, you position your company as the attractive prospect that catches their eye during this contemplative period.

  3. Getting Ahead of Competitors: Most companies wait until the new year to start their hiring processes. By initiating conversations with a specialist recruiter now, you gain a competitive advantage by getting a head start on securing top talent. While others are still unpacking from the holidays, you'll already have engaged with potential candidates, setting the stage for a seamless hiring process.

  4. Access to Both Active and Passive Candidates: Specialist recruiters not only have connections with individuals actively seeking new roles, but they also have access to a vast network of candidates who are considering a move. Starting these conversations early allows you to build relationships with potential hires, making the transition smoother when the time comes.

  5. Strategic Talent Engagement: Engaging with a recruiter now enables you to strategically plan your talent acquisition, aligning it with your business objectives. Rather than reacting to unforeseen circumstances, you'll be positioned to make informed, proactive decisions that contribute to your company's long-term success.

Most companies will start looking for people when they return in the new year - get the jump on top talent and get the feelers out in the market now. Specialist recruiters know people who are actively available but also literally thousands of candidates who are just toying with the idea of a move - you want to start those conversations now so by the time your competitors are packing up their beach towels to head back to work, you already have engaged with the best.