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​Avoid These Top Mistakes Employers Make in Their Job Ads

19 Jul 00:00 By Lawrence Akers

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​Avoid These Top Mistakes Employers Make in Their Job Ads

Whether you're an experienced hiring manager or a newcomer to the recruitment process, it's always good to step back and scrutinize your job ads. It's no secret that these little snapshots of your company play a pivotal role in attracting the cream of the creative industry. However, too often, companies unknowingly shoot themselves in the foot by making a few common blunders. Let's dive in and unpack the top mistakes employers make in their job ads.

Mistake#1: Vague Job Titles and Descriptions

Nothing deters potential applicants quicker than ambiguity. As creatives, we appreciate abstract art, but when it comes to job ads, clarity is king. Avoid jargon, industry buzzwords, or inflated titles that don't really explain the role. Keep it simple, direct, and ensure the job title and description precisely align with the actual role.

This is especially true with jobs in emerging technology. It can be clearly obvious when the job ad reads like the company is unsure of how this role actually works, bloating it with responsibilities that wouldn't normally sit within that role.

Mistake#2: Neglecting Company Culture

Sure, everyone wants to know what their tasks will be, but equally important is the environment they'll be working in. A common pitfall is treating job ads like a shopping list of skills, without showcasing the unique ethos and culture of your company. This doesn't mean sharing the brand of coffee in your machine. Rather, talk about your values, team dynamics, and why your workplace is an enjoyable place to be.

Mistake#3: Unrealistic Requirements

While we all want multi-talented wizards, setting up sky-high requirements is a recipe for discouraging otherwise capable candidates. It's essential to differentiate between must-haves and nice-to-haves. You don't want to miss out on a fantastic graphic designer who might not have the optional 3D rendering skills you listed.

Also avoid an the habit of what I refer to as 'the Frankenbrief'. This is where you get around your limited budget by taking the three job descriptions for the positions you wish you did have budget for and creating a mish mash job description that incorporate elements from each. This is where we end up with 'unicorn' positions which are unrealistic, challenging to fill, and unlikely for the candidate who secures the role to achieve it successfully.

Mistake#4: Ignoring Diversity and Inclusion

The creative industry thrives on diversity of thought, and your job ads should reflect this. Using gender-neutral language and clearly stating your commitment to inclusivity is crucial in attracting a wide talent pool. And remember, it's not just about saying it – it's about living it!

Mistake#5: Forgetting the Call-to-Action

It's surprising how often this simple yet crucial element is forgotten. At the end of your ad, guide your reader to the next step. Whether it's clicking a button to apply or emailing a resume, make sure it's easy, clear, and quick. The less friction in the application process, the better.

Mistake#6: Lack of SEO Optimisation

We live in a digital age, folks, and the almighty search engine is the gatekeeper to visibility. If you want your ad to reach the right audience, keyword optimisation is vital. Consider what terms potential candidates might search for, and incorporate these in your job title and description.

Mistake#7: Not Being Responsive

Just like a good conversation, the recruitment process should be two-way. If candidates have questions or need clarification, be available and responsive. This starts with providing clear contact details in your job ads.

Mistake#8: Neglecting Feedback

Lastly, remember that your job ad is not a one-time deal. Continually gathering and implementing feedback helps you refine your job ads, enhancing their effectiveness.

There you have it - the most common job ad mistakes employers make and, more importantly, how to avoid them. Remember, in the creative industry, your job ad isn't just a vacancy announcement; it's a reflection of your brand.

Of course, if you would rather take away the stress that all of this can often create and engage search specialists to find the right candidate for you, then Creative Recruiters is always happy to help. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn