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Finding the right copywriter

28 Jun 00:00 By Lawrence Akers

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Finding the Right Copywriter

Every good brand story starts with a compelling piece of copy. It's the hook, the sizzle, the spell that draws the audience in. And who weaves this magic? It’s those people who know how to craft a better sentence than I do… the copywriter! But not all copywriters are the same, and that's where the challenge begins. 

The Different Types of Copywriters

The world of copywriting is as varied as the creative industry itself. Some of the key types include:

Advertising Copywriters

They're the Don Drapers of the modern world. Creating catchy slogans and ingenious campaigns, advertising copywriters are the wizards who use words to sell your products and services. Without them, we’d be without such classics as ‘Not Happy, Jan’, ‘Oh What a Feeling’, and ‘Down Down, Prices Are Down.’

SEO Copywriters

In the digital age, being seen is everything. SEO copywriters master the art of making your brand visible on search engines. They're well-versed in keyword research and optimization, crafting content that Google loves and users appreciate.

Technical Copywriters

For businesses dealing in complex products or services, a technical copywriter is a godsend. They transform jargon-heavy information into easy-to-understand content that engages the target audience.

Social Media Copywriters

Social media copywriters are the ones who know how to make your brand shine in 280 characters or less. They create engaging posts that foster interaction, boost brand awareness, and build a community around your brand. 

In House Copywriters

These copywriters will often work in house for large organisations and shape their internal and external communication, often working within established brand guidelines.  They might be found at a retail level or in the marketing department of a company who creates products.


Last but not least are those journalists and editorial style copywriters out there who may be required to write content for publications or online.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Copywriter

Despite the wealth of talent out there, finding the right copywriter can be challenging, especially when the brief is vague or imprecise. If you’re unaware of the different types of copywriters that exist out there, it might be easy to think that one copywriter can do it all.  While there might be overlap in skills, most copywriters tend to know their strengths and where they can best apply their skills.  As a recruitment specialist, I've seen the impact of unclear briefs. It's like asking for a mystery dish at a restaurant - you never know what you'll get!

If you needed heart surgery, you would naturally go to a surgeon that specialises in that over someone who might do ears, nose and throat. They both wear the title of a doctor and both would have many years experience, but their understanding of their niche area makes them a more ideal choice. It's the same here with copywriters... although I wouldn't recommend a copywriter perform heart surgery.

So how can you ensure you're hiring the right creative genius for your project?

Be Clear and Precise in Your Brief

The best way to ensure you hire the right copywriter is to provide a clear and precise brief. Specify the type of copywriter you need, the scope of the work, your target audience, brand tone, and the goals you want to achieve. The more details you provide, the easier it will be to match the right talent with your needs.

Consider Their Experience and Expertise

Each copywriter brings their unique experience and skills to the table. Review their portfolio and previous work. If they've successfully handled similar projects, chances are, they'd be a good fit for yours too.

Engage a Specialist Recruitment Agency

If it seems daunting, don't worry. That's where we come in. As specialists in creative industry recruitment, we understand the nuances of different copywriting roles and can help connect you with the right talent. We're passionate about helping our clients find the perfect match for their creative needs!

Finding the Right Copywriter Doesn’t Need to be Hard!

Finding the perfect copywriter is no mean feat, but it's not impossible. By understanding the different types of copywriters and being clear in your brief, you can find the word wizard who can bring your brand story to life. And remember, we're here to help at every step!