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Uncertainty creates opportunity

09 Sep 00:00 By Georgia Mandarino

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Uncertainty Creates Opportunity. 

Find out why this is a perfect time to think about moving to a new position. 

We all know the world has changed in the past few years and we also know that the world of work is changing in many ways. It’s more common now for people to seek out companies that align with their views and thinking in terms of social and ethical standing, attitudes towards flexibility and collaboration. It’s natural that in a climate of lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing that many feel like staying put in their current role is an answer, however, this could be the perfect time to make the most of this opportunity. 

You need to know the right time and place to make an impactful career move. And how to do it without burning bridges in the process.

1. Shift in focus

The current climate has made people and organisations rethink their priorities and shift their focus. Making it an excellent time to reflect on how your current company has handled these changing times. Did they adopt an attitude of ‘thriving’ or just ‘surviving’? Were they agile and able to adapt to new ways of working? How have they treated the team during these times? Looking objectively at how your current employer manages is an excellent way to see if their values ultimately match with yours. Consider your role and use this time of crisis to assess if you could capitalise on opportunities that are currently in the market. 

2. Flexibility around remote working

For some firms, this has been a difficult change to manage. For others, it was no problem at all. Working remotely is here to stay according to industry reports. If you prefer this way or working then perhaps it’s time to find a role or organisation that embraces it and allows you to have that work-life balance that is promised but sometimes not delivered. It’s easier also to arrange interviews and have confidential conversations with prospective employers or recruiters while exploring the options; outside your working hours of course. 

3. Communication is key

Recruiters are actively seeking the best talent and ensuring those with the essential skills that are open to working or moving are being considered. Keeping in touch with a recruiter in your niche is wise as they have an intimate understanding of which employers are looking to hire and which candidates would be a suitable fit. Discussing your willingness to consider roles doesn’t mean that you have to decide on the spot but it certainly will allow you to move quickly if there is a role that looks perfect for you. Keep in touch even if it’s just to sound out what’s happening in the market and if there are things you can do in the meantime while you’re considering a new role.

4. Your talent will stand out

In a market like the one we are currently experiencing, if you are good you will most certainly stand out. As they say, the cream rises to the top and this is a perfect time to showcase your skills especially if you have specialisations, experience, overseas projects and an awesome portfolio. If your hard and soft skills are honed there is a very good chance that you will find the most amazing role in this climate. Companies are realising what they need and actively seeking out the best fit. 

5. Better Money

There is no polite way of saying this but moving jobs could be an excellent way to secure more money. If your remuneration has stalled and you haven’t been given a pay rise in a while and can’t foresee one coming then moving to another organisation could be the perfect way to increase your income and worth. Often it can be a stepping stone to promotion, opportunity and leadership.  

Keep a close eye on job boards, Linkedin, SEEK, Indeed and see what kinds of roles are on offer in your field. Chat with your recruiter and keep in touch. When you see a role you know is just too hard to pass on, make your move. This is an excellent time to make the most of the hesitation of others. 

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