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5 Ways to future proof your career by freelancing. Why it’s the best time to do so.

20 Jul 00:00 By Georgia Mandarino

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For some, freelancing makes perfect sense. It suits their lifestyle, gives them freedom, provides choice and varied work. For others, it may be something they have considered but never pursued.  Right now is the perfect time to consider freelancing. Let’s explore why.

1. Freelance work spreads your risk and gives industry experience

Freelancers work with varied companies from varied industries in many different markets. By doing so freelancers can mitigate the risk of an industry having a downturn or a company going under. This shared experience makes a freelancer extremely well equipped to be able to move and change with the times. By working in multiple industries a freelancer’s skills are diversified and that creates demand. The ability to move into areas of growth is also a huge advantage.  Some of the industries of future predicted growth are:

  • Healthcare & Health-related industries - in the current COVID-19 climate health has seen growth, it is an area of focus for governments and this attention is global

  • Fintech - financial markets have been volatile but are bouncing back quickly and tech companies that move in this space are projected to grow quickly

  • E-Commerce - online shopping will continue to grow especially with lockdowns, restrictions and health concerns

  • Renewable Energy - gaining lots of worthy attention, grants, infrastructure and worldwide pressure to be supported and keep developing

2.Grow your own brand

In the world of celebrities, personalities and influencers being a freelancer lets you grow your own personal brand. The sky’s the limit in the current market of how much work you can take on, how much you challenge your skills and what projects you immerse yourself in. In uncertain times employers are often not sure of their pipeline of work so they look to freelancers to ensure the projects are managed by experienced professionals without having to commit to the long term. 

In the past, lack of consistency and economic stability may have been a consideration when freelancing but now there is a trend towards longer-term contracts and freelancers being commissioned with the same company time and time again. 

3.Freelancers are relevant & at the forefront

Freelancers work in different workplaces, with a range of software and technology. Managers and creatives from all walks of life are exposed to different ways of working and up to date methods.  They can see in action the various types of ideation, brainstorming and development that takes place within teams. Their experience is practical, relevant and contemporary.  This makes a freelance creative an excellent person to add to the team. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience with them. They have seen better ways of working and are at the coal face of creativity and innovation. This makes a creative freelancer an excellent asset for the future of a business but also this type of exposure ensures opportunities for future projects down the line. 

4. Flexibility is the friend of freelancers

By their very nature freelance projects require flexibility. Remote working, on site projects and being part of different teams is not new to freelancers. It’s this flexibility that makes them very attractive to employers.  The ability to pick up a project and run with it. This is going to be a key skill in the future when it comes to working in an agile environment. Movement and having worked on diverse projects that showcase your skills is going to hold you in good stead for work into the future. 

5. Upskill, stand out and make your portfolio exceptional

With so much work around at the moment and so many opportunities for skilled creative freelancers, it’s an excellent time to upskill yourself, learn new tech and software skills. When you’re busy it’s hard to find time to keep your portfolio polished but it’s essential to do so. You need to ensure it includes all the great projects you have been working on in recent times. You can read more about ‘putting your best foot forward here in our recent blog. In addition, we have several helpful videos which will also help you manage this task:

  • Making your portfolio stand out

  • How to nail your portfolio and increase your chances of getting an interview

Stay sharp and keep up with industry trends and styling. Follow blogs and leading designers and keep your ideas fresh and interesting. 

So where to from here? 

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