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Putting a Price on Passion

08 Jun 00:00 By Georgia Mandarino

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Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.”

If you're creative then being paid well for work you are passionate about is the ultimate goal. Some say it's only possible for the few, but is that really the case? Here we explore 4 modern creative careers that do reward and remunerate well in return for passion and skill.

UX Designer ( User Experience )

Once you get past the abbreviations eg: CX, UI, UX it’s pretty simple what each of these roles focuses on. UX designers are responsible for mapping and improving the user/customer/consumers experience for a product, brand or place. Part of their work is developing websites, apps, and even games which aid the end-user and create a lasting impression.

They also develop non-digital experiences and assets and this can include retail interiors, customer mapping paths, product placement and merchandising. They look at the finer details of why what and where and how products are used and experienced. These skills are becoming extremely valuable to companies and brands that understand that what the consumer experiences are key.
If you are passionate about detailed customer service and helping brands tap into the aspects that make them different in the eyes of the consumer, then this is a role where you can combine that passion with a great salary. Not only is this creative career in high demand but an average salary range is around $100-$120K or even more depending on your experience. With a folio of well-known companies and brands then you can really make your mark as a UX designer. There is some higher education required and there are specific courses relevant to this work but often other creatives can develop skills and move into this field.

Game Designer

If your passion is video games then you could certainly look to this creative career as a way to tap into that potential. Game designers invent and create stories, they work with developers, graphic and motion designers to create and produce video games for entertainment as well as for companies who wish to promote services and products.

Often they focus on one particular platform eg: Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation etc. Working as part of a team is the norm and within the team creative decisions are made and concepts are developed. Imagination and creativity are in abundance with teams that work on video games with some games taking years to develop.

Computer skills, communication skills and truckloads of creativity will accompany the passion for this genre and this is what will make a role like this a rewarding one. It’s an area that is on the increase with some institutions developing high-level qualifications. This is a vocation of the future. The remuneration is fluid and dependent on many factors such as the work, company, location etc but as a general ballpark game designers earn between $70K - $100K depending on these factors and skillsets.

Social Media & Content Manager

We all know that social media is growing and we all understand the effect and presence it has in so many ways. It is one of the strongest channels for a company or business to get a message across and out there to an audience, quickly and inexpensively. So it makes sense that this beast needs managing. If you are passionate about social media and social messaging and like to combine that with creativity this could be the perfect role for you. Imagine your day working across these 4 key areas:
Social media, developing organic content, strategies, reporting and developing campaigns and scheduling posts that get results
Creating a community and fostering brand collaboration, building relationships and managing influencers and paid strategies
Content creation, blog and copywriting using keywords and email marketing
Marketing strategy, campaigns, photography, video and tying it all in together

According to SEEK this is a role that has projected job growth and high potential.

If you love connecting with people, communicating, responding and engaging then this could be the perfect fit for you. With a balance between marketing techniques and creativity, you can use your design and communication skills in conjunction. With so many social platforms and social listening, it’s now a full-time job managing the social media and online brands for companies. Qualifications in media, communications, marketing would set you in good stead for a role like this, however, if you have a design, communications or copywriting background this may also be a good foundation for the role. This role has a salary range of between $80K- $130K depending on skills, experience, qualifications and background.

Digital Marketing Manager

If you love graphic design, copywriting, planning, strategy, communications, branding and analytics then you are a natural fit for a Digital Marketing Manager. Another role that is on the increase with SEEK suggesting 21.7% job growth in the next 5 years.

The main functions of this role are growth through digital marketing tactics. Creating a marketing plan and using SEO, google analytics and keywords to create relevant content. Including designing email marketing campaigns, newsletters, blogs and social media posts that are on brand and engage existing and new customers. This role has a great progression to Head of Digital Content or Digital Content Lead.

It has the best of both worlds and allows you to work as part of a team on the bigger picture but also leaves room for creativity and design skills that set the company, product or brand apart. The analytics show outcomes and if you are passionate about seeing the difference that your work is making then being passionate about this role is easy. Salaries vary once again depending on experience, niche, skills and tech knowledge and range from $90-$140K and possibly higher if you lead a team.

In the past creative careers were more defined by raw artistic talent such as illustration, animator or artist however these modern roles have developed with technology to combine creativity and other skills to become sought after careers where you can be paid well for passion.

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