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Creative Conversations with Jonny Duke

05 Mar 15:00 By Vicki Anne

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We chat with our newest team member Jonny Duke. Originally from Yorkshire UK Jonny moved here more than 21 years ago. 

He first came to Australia after wanting to watch the Olympics in Sydney so he came for a year and he's still here. His career in recruitment started with blue collar and creative recruitment just offered an additional layer. Looking at art had that extra appeal. 

Jonny tells me that he loves talking to creative people and that his eye for creativity is really important and the process of learning creative would be made so much harder.  

His focused on getting to know the talent, learning the portfolios and listen to candidates to really learn the business. No two days are the same, no two jobs are the same and no two clients are the same. 

The major changes Jonny has noticed are in digital and the artwork being more tangilble with old fashioned folios being a thing of the past. 

Watch the full video to see Jonny talk about art, digital, creative jobs and finding talent in the industry.