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It's Creative Recruiters' 5th Birthday

15 Apr 17:00 By Vicki Anne

Creative Recruiters


Today my team and I are celebrating our 5th Birthday.

You know what they say, if you’re still in business 5 years later then you’ll probably go the long haul, so today is a great day.

It certainly hasn’t been without it’s challenges - running a business for a service that isn’t at the forefront of everyones mind right now, whilst in isolation,  is probably the greatest challenge of them all. But here we are.

When we started out we had two motto’s, that still very much exist today.


The first one is People over Profits.

This was our promise to our freelancers;  that they will always be paid market rate. That we would forfeit our margin well before asking them to do so. That we would be fully transparent with our fee structure so both our candidates and our clients could see that the majority of our fee goes to our candidates.

For our clients this has always meant that we will work together to find an affordable way for you to bring the talent you need into your business giving you time back into your days.


The second motto is Keeping Recruitment Simple.


This was our promise to our clients.  Whatever you need, in the way you want it delivered, removing any obstacles along the way so you have unlimited access to the cream of Talent from our creative community.  This has been at the forefront of every business relationship we enter into.   We care about your business as if it’s our own and we work tirelessly to ensure you feel that in every interaction you have with us.


So, we are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved for those who have partnered with us. We’re not angels - we don’t always get it right.   But we consult from a place of knowledge and experience and by doing so we do our very best to deliver results in an ethical and transparent manner, always counting on us to be your trusted advisors.


Without you, we wouldn’t exist so I want to say a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for your support and loyalty, thank you for referrals, thank you for making us the most followed recruiter on linked within our niche.

Thank you for choosing to partner with Creative Recruiters.

Thanks so much for listening and stay well.