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Creative Recruiters - Webinar on Mental Health and Productivity during COVID-19

16 Apr 11:00 By Lawrence Akers

Webinar on mental health and productivity during COVID-19


Creative Recruiters Webinar Series this week is focussed on mental health and productivity whilst in isolation.  

Working from home presents a new set of challenges for many people.

In this webinar 21 people discuss some tips and tricks to keep us happy and active during the COVID-19 crisis.


Some comments afterwards were:

"I feel like I have a virtual family!"

"Thanks guys!  Interesting and helpful.  Hope to see you next week."

"Well done!  I've been tuning into webinars of all sorts the past few weeks and yours is in my top 3."

"It was great to see everyone's faces and to feel more like part of a team - freelancing from home can be a solitary business at the best of times, but particularly now when the future is so uncertain in so many ways."


Next week, our topic is 'I Feel So Uninspired' and we'll be looking to explore the idea of inspiration in isolation.

We'll be looking to create conversation and a forum for exploring ideas together around this topic.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, you can sign up here for all the details.

We can only fit 100 people in at any given time, so sign up NOW and be ready to jump in at 1:00 PM (Melbourne time) next Wednesday 22nd April.