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Internal Recruiters - the value of finding a niche recruitment supplier.

05 Feb 16:00 By Vicki-Anne Craigen

Benefits of specialist recruiters

The role of the internal recruiter is a challenging one.  Often you’re working in an organisation that expects you to be an expert across all the different areas of their business.

Speaking to an internal recruiter recently they told me they were searching to find an engineer, a marketing strategist, accounts receivable coordinator and a graphic designer!  What a challenge! So many different roles, so many different skillets across multiple business verticals.  An impossible task that was keeping them up at night which prompted this Vlog.

For those internal recruiters lucky enough to have search technology no doubt you’re doing better than those who don’t.  The technology, if you have enough hours in the day, will help you to discover your talent pool, but recent conversations also suggest that it’s the engagement piece that’s causing no end of frustration.

The candidates who are good at their jobs, or even those who aren’t but are working within highly respected companies, are in great demand. You have a nanosecond to gain their attention and sell the role.  If you’re not a knowledge expert on the position though, it's becoming increasingly difficult to convert them to interview.

This is where partnering with a niche, specialist recruiter comes in.  Our job is to make you look good. We understand that one of your key performance indicators is possibly not engaging recruiters. So when you realise you need to, then you need that Recruiter to shine. Your reputation is on the line and we get that. 

Choosing the right recruiters to partner with,  for each of the specialised areas, is critical to your success. For example, my company Creative Recruiters is a niche specialist recruiter in design & creative, digital marketing & content and advertising based roles.  We have been awarded the most engaged recruiter in the Asia Pacific in our niche.  This means that we are seen as a trusted advisor to the candidates you are trying to target ….and that’s what you should look for in each of your niche recruitment suppliers.

Ultimately what your line manager wants from you is to meet no more than three candidates for their role and then have a tough time choosing between them.  That’s what happens when you partner with me, and my team.  Your client will see you as a superstar and will see the value your niche supplier relationships bring to their business. 

I’ve spent my career partnering with internal recruiters and many of them have become my personal friends over the years.  I’ve taken the time to truly understand them, and I’ve always stepped in at whatever point they need me to.

So if you’re free sometime over the next month or so, and you’d like to explore how I can give you time back into your day, please call me on 0413 453 563 or email me