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Inspiring Creatives with Lawrence: Green Fox Studio

08 Nov 10:00 By Lawrence Akers

Greenfox Inspiredcreatives

Green Fox Studio are rather remarkable.

A little while back, I received this email:

My name is Kelly Willmott, I have 20+ years experience in the Design and Advertising industry and am one of the founders of Green Fox Studio, Australia’s First Creative Agency operating both in and outside of prison walls. Green Fox Studio (inside) delivers training and employment to inmates looking for a new start, and in doing so, we give our team purpose, provide structure and build confidence.

We know that 70% of working-aged prisoners have no form of employment or education upon release. Unemployment is a major risk factor for substance use and the subsequent development of mental health disorders, and thus the cycle of recidivism and social disadvantage continues.

At present we are working with 32 inmates within the prison studio, training them in all areas such as Virtual Reality, 3D modelling, Blender, After Effects, Premier Pro, Unreal, Coding, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and photoshop plus more. I can almost guarantee that at the end of many of their sentences they will be a creative force to be reckoned with upon release- if only we can eliminate the stigma around working with a criminal record. There has been a lot of success in breaking down the barriers to employment for those with mental health issues and disabilities in the last 10-15 years, however people still hold a strong stigma about prisoners and those holding a criminal history. I hope that by working with industry professionals we will help to break that stigma down and provide that much needed second chance for many.

I would love to chat to anyone that would like to hear our story, even more if you are interested in seeing what we can do, are currently doing or have done and to explore the opportunity of perhaps recommending us for any future creative requirements that you receive.

To say that the team here at Creative Recruiters were blown away is an understatement and we knew straight away that this was an organisation we had to meet, to share an awareness of and to celebrate the work that they do.

In short, these guys are inspiring creatives.