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We are hiring!

03 Jul 09:00 By Vicki Anne

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We are hiring! 

Creative Recruiters has been described as a "recruitment utopia for Consultants". Everything you’ve ever wanted from a caring and supportive team to digital marketing strategies catapulting your professional brand to trusted adviser status to search technology which allows you to focus more on the parts of the job you love; it’s all on tap here. 

With the largest following in our niche across Asia Pacific you are guaranteed to feel confident that everything is being done to ensure the Creative Recruiters brand is always at the forefront of the minds of those who need our services, steering them directly to you. 

As an experienced Recruiter with an affinity for our niche, you have a solid reputation for the following:   

You under promise 

You know what your service is and you’re able to offer that in a straight forward, professional, engaging way. You’re driven by time frames and know how to communicate these clearly and openly.   

You over deliver 

You know your market and you're across the latest search technologies and methods that allow you to deliver a high quality shortlist to your client within the agreed time frame. 

You are transparent 

You know how to build a genuine rapport with people and you have the ability to tell them the truth, even when that involves mustering up a bit of courage. You do this because you genuinely care about the people you work with and about your own reputation. 

You are resilient 

You understand that things are not always going to go the way that you want, when you want. You know how to bounce back, taking the lessons with you and continually learning and growing from the experience. 

You are consultative 

Your understanding and experience means that you know how to help guide your clients and candidates at each step of the process. 

You actually care 

Recruitment is not a job for the faint-hearted. It's sales. It's psychology. It's business. Genuinely caring for people and outcomes is what motivates you to get results. 

At Creative Recruiters, we care for people, for animals and for the environment. We expect honesty and integrity above all else and we are truly driven to provide an exceptional customer experience every step of the way. 

Next steps 

If you’d like to explore being part of our team (full-time or part-time) please email your Resume to Vicki-Anne at or call 0413 453 563.

We, unfortunately, are unable to offer sponsorship.