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Vanessa and Lawrence talk to Junior Graphic Designers

22 Mar 15:00 By Lawrence Akers


You've graduated and you're excited about the world of design opportunities that lay in front of you and that's completely understandable.  

Having said that, given the nature of the role, there are going to be more Junior Graphic Designers applying for junior positions than any other job title.

So what do you do to help ensure that your application stands out above the rest.

Vanessa and Lawrence took some time out to talk about this very topic.


  • Ensure that you design your CV, making it practical and reflective of your skills as a designer.
  • Ensure that you address the key requirements of the role and include examples of that in your folio.
  • If you don't have commercial folio experience with that requirements, consider how else you can highlight your skills in this area.
  • Keep your CV reflective of your commercial design experience - don't include cafe or retail work unless it is relevant to your application.
  • Do not send your CV through as a Word document.  You're a designer, so use your design skills.
  • Do not copy and paste your LinkedIn page as your CV.  This comes across as lazy and rarely contains the information any hiring manager needs to make an informed decision on if they should shortlist you.
  • Do not copy and paste your cover letter to everyone without tailouring it to the job that you're applying for.  
  • Do not make a folio solely consisting of artistic pieces.  Include practiacal 'bread and butter' work because that is what you're going to be hired for.