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Lunch With - Self-Initiated Work vs Commercial Work

28 Nov 15:00 By Lawrence Akers

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Recently, we were sent an email from a creative who had a series of questions he hoped we might be able to address in our videos.

John wrote, "I have had time between jobs this week and last and have been learning new software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe XD + Adobe Dimension) with a view to rounding out my skillset and moving towards roles that progressively encompass digital. 

This, of course, has been supplemented by what sometimes feels like an avalanche of reading.  

My question(s) is this:  How seriously do employers take folio projects that are either self-initiated, or a briefs taken from such sites as BriefBox or tutorials? 

Does demonstrated evidence of self-learning and motivation carry weight, or does experience reign supreme?"

This is actually a topic that we often speak with creatives about, especially when it comes to the topic of career transition, and so we felt that it might be a suitable time to do a short video to chat about the topic.