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Working overseas as an Australian or coming to Australia for Work

27 Sep 10:00 By Vanessa Dolan and Pia Bach

Vanessa Dolan Pia Bach overseas work


Vanessa and Pia talk about both moving to Australia and moving overseas as an Australian.


Vanessa starts the talk off about Australian moving overseas, her top tips are:

  • Being very organised and doing all your research (client, agencies, recruiters) prior to moving
  • Having the right visas and working rights for the country you want to move to
  • Checking your expectations: Understanding the type of work you can get overseas compared to your current role


Pia then talks from her experience about being a European moving to Australia, she recommends:

  • when to talk to recruiters and the importance of articulating where you are in your journey (just dreaming/exploring? visa granted? landed in the country?)
  • considering the time of year to arrive in Australia
  • being realistic about your finances and whether it is the right time to move
  • understanding your chances of sponsorship and finding work in Australia
  • connecting with people in your industry prior to arriving (use LinkedIn!)
  • seeking out salary guides to get an understanding of how much your experience is worth in Australia
  • consider taking a language class to brush up your English skills

Vanessa and Pia also touch on the benefits of living overseas and the downsides there are to it.