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What Can I Do Over the Summer Break?

27 Sep 10:00 By Houman Bigloo and Lawrence Akers

Houman Bigloo Lawrence Akers summer break

Summer break is a great opportunity to reflect on your career or recharge to start the new year ready. 

In this Video Houman and Lawrence provide tips on how you can take advantage of your break.

  • Taking some time out and rest helps increase your productivity when you at back work. 
  • You will have enough time to update your CV and folio especially if you are a freelancer. 
  • Reflect on your online presence whether it is your LinkedIn profile, Behance Profile or your website.
  • Clearing your folio but removing old work.
  • Exploring online courses and upskilling, for example enhancing your knowledge of digital design or marketing.
  • Using podcasts to gain new knowledge.
  • YouTube has useful tutorials which could provide you with information on new findings.
  • For freelancers: understanding your financial requirements and expectations.
  • Breaking down your goals to have a clear guide on the steps you need to take.
  • Maybe start thinking about the side business you were thinking of starting. 
  • Identify your target market and the people you would like to contact in the new year.
  • Define whether you would like to specialise in the new year or you would like to expand your service offerings. 

These are the tips that you can utilise not only during the summer break but also when your workload reduces.