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The Benefits of Hiring (or Being!) a Freelancer

27 Sep 10:00 By Vanessa Dolan

Vanessa Dolan Freelancer Benefits


Vanessa talks about the busy time of year for clients and on turn agencies and therefore busy time for freelancers. She talks about the benefits of hiring a freelancer and also the benefits of being a freelancer.


The benefits of hiring a freelancer for an agency are

- that you can hire someone with a specific skill set

- you don’t have the cost of them in-house full time

- you have fresh new ideas coming into the agency

- and by using a recruitment agency you save your time in resources and interviewing - we do all that for you


The benefits of being a freelancer are

- you are your own boss

- you don’t get involved in office politics

- you get a change of scenery

- you choose when you want to work

- and by using a recruitment agency you don’t have to chase the invoicing - we do all of that for you


So if you are interested as either a candidate or as an agency, you can contact me via